15 Courses BUSINESS CLASS Food on IRAN AIRLINES!! | Mahan Air – Bangkok to Tehran!

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Written by Mark Wiens


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  1. Mr mark you and the trevor james were on same plane with same board and the same person mr.tastier but the different is you availed more hospitality from crew members. i'm so excited to watch today video.

  2. چه عجب به ایران اومدی راه گم کردی،خلاصه منتظر بودم که بیایی و اینکه خوش اومدی به سرزمین کوروش

  3. Wait.. First time to Iran? I could have sworn that I have seen videos of you in Iran. Maybe I'm confusing you with another youtuber

  4. Mark is this what are indirectly funding?
    You are changing
    What . we do not need is some bushy luxury promo.
    What attracted me to you was your simplicity.
    Like Anthony Bourdain

  5. NADA mejor que despertarse mirando tus cientos de videos que subis y las expresiones unicas que haces al comer mark jajjajaa PERO LO UNICO… PORFAVOR PONE SUBTITULOS

  6. Well IRAN AIRLINES!! | Mahan Air is the best Airline in the World Such super service in Business class can you imagine what First class is like WOW! and I must add that Air Hostess must be the most Beautiful Women I have ever seen- thanks Mark

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