$45 Million of Iranian Fuel going to Venezuela, but US aims to Block it

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Written by The Coup Media


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  1. I'm positive Venezuela expects the US to blockade the tanker carrying the gasoline. I say let em go, they contain a bit more than a weeks worth of gasoline even at recent reduced consumption rates. I think the Maduro regime would prefer the US block the tankers so the regime can further deflect responsibility for their own gross incompetence. When folk see this latest Regime ploy once again serves no real benefit to the people it will only fosters further discontent.
    As far as the legitimacy of Maduro check the video about the 2018 election on my channel for more info on that. Also have a video that will clear up the confusion on that incursion fiasco.

  2. are you kidding me ? US Trying to block them ? if they wanted to block them, they would have been blocked by now. do you know what happens if they pirate those tankers ? do you know how many American ships pass by Iran's backyard in Persian Gulf ? Anyway thanks for the informative video and keep it up.

  3. It's not iranian oil, it's rather iranian carburant and fuel as well as petrochemical equipment used to refine oil and produce fuel like catalysts which iranian petro industry has the know how to make. It will be used to activate Venezuelan oil refineries

  4. A failed assassination attempt. Is how the usa rolls.. when did the western world try to ruin Uzbekistan? Or any other country with no central banking system or abundant resources?

  5. LMAO!! How is it any of America's business if two countries want to trade some oil. Especially when the US has placed sections on both of the countries to cripple their economies. These actions need to stop. All these bullying tactics are getting really old now.

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