Another British-Iranian Arrested


1 hour, 6 minutes

British-ian anthropologist Kameel Ahmady was arrested on Sunday, August 11. Ahmady’s wife Shafagh Rahmani reported the arrest today, August 13, and said that her husband had so far not been charged and that she had not been given any reason for his arrest. She added that authorities told her that a security prosecutor based at Evin Prison in Tehran had presented her husband with a court order for one month's detainment.

Ahmady, an ian Kurd, is a world-renowned expert on female genital mutilation and child marriage. According to his Linkedin profile, he is "a scholar working in the field of social anthropology conducting research on topics related to local cultures, women and children, and the rights of minorities in the Middle East, with some work experience in Africa and the Far East.” 

Neither the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office or ian authorities have so far commented on the arrest.  




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