As Explosions Rock Iran, Foreign Media Reports Blame Israel

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  1. Looks like FAKE News. This channel has already elected Joe Biden as the President. First let the election get held and the results come. Do not defame the Israeli Govt for Iran's mismanagement of its natural resources and Infrastructure.

  2. Biden is useless. He is siding for Iran and China. Americans should not vote for Biden. He is dangerous as he sides for China and Iran

  3. Iran had its chance. Persian people need to get ready to take their government over. Trump will win election by a landslide. After Nov 5, 2020 stay out of government buildings and military bases

  4. According to the "experts" Iran, a backward patriarchal fascist regime that wants nuclear weapons to control the Middle East and threaten Europe with the backing of fascist China = dove, and the United States and Israel, countries with democratic rule = you have more stupid experts than those to go on the air, By the way, it is clear that as soon as the Nazis come to power in the United States, Iran will attack Israel.

  5. The way they just nonchalantly admit that Israel could be behind this.

    I expect nothing less from that terrorist apartheid state.

  6. I pray, Iran should vanish before the election.
    Terrorist country like Iran should live further.
    God bless ISRAEL ♥️♥️♥️🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱👍👍👍👍

  7. News channels are thinking that they are the judges.
    They never talk when terrorists attack Israel.
    Paid news, biased news, Propoganda against one nation are perfect journalism nowadays.

  8. Joe Biden will never win what is that a joke this guy is gone don’t know we’re he is or his own name

  9. This is a trashy media. They don't even know who did it . They accused Israel and talking about retaliation and talking as if Trump already lost the election. You can't trust the medias nowadays. Listen, check and verify.

  10. I know that the Iranian people are one of the most intelligent nations on earth.
    It is annoying that nation this unique and special is being put on the war path by morons.

  11. Those are terrorist acts. Whoever is in the White house and especially Trump should punish those kek aholes. There's no more fighting for those aholes in the Middle east.

  12. Watch Israel try to intervene in elections they hate Obama and all his cabinet fools over Iran. Trump is gearing up to shove a few missles in China’s ass over their nonsense from trade to covid to aggression in South Sea. This is preemptive move by Israel to keep themselves safe id shit kicks off. I dont blame em one bit. The real question is what will Russia do? They dont wanna go toe to toe with us and nukes arent in play. China invaded one of their cities too and covid kicking Russia ass. If US offers to ease sanctions and see sorties to North China targets while our navy and warplanes tee off in the south… its entirely possible atm. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.


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