China and Iran on one side VS Saudi, Israel and many more on the other

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  1. China has emerged as the second parallel superpower to manage and arrange the global order against the US interests and now in face of Chinese parallel superpower position there is no space for the unipolar control of USA over the entire world. Now China has taken up the ruling parameters of south Asia ,middle East ,central Asia and as far as south east Asia is concerned when China dominates the power parameters of most of the international arena these South East Asian countries will automatically be drifted into chinese block, China is increasing affiliation network at the regional and international level ,step by step all South Asia, All Middle East, All Central Asia will fall into chinese block ,if it happens the world war 3 before that time China will gather the winning momentum against the American block ,inside south Asia China has made very strong military affiliation network so here in this part of the world America must not think to defeat China in the battle field at any cost ,south Asia will prove as the graveyard of American soldiers ,Americans should take the trial if they are not sure of their unprecedented death toll inside the territorial landscapes of South Asia and indo-pacific.indo-pacific will prove the death tank of American maritime ambitions, Americans must keep in mind they will have to face very lethal military resistance from China ,Russia, Pakistan ,Iran ,Afghan Taliban, Nepal, Bangladesh ,srilanka and others ,very strong military volume is waiting the Americans to drench their global ambitions in the waters of south China sea ,indo-pacific and territorial landscapes of South Asia .

  2. The only danger to not only west Asia and the entire world are soulless countries whose souls has been bought by Usa 🇺🇸 like India, im gonna stop at soul and don’t mention your women (namoos) and culture and family. So sit back and shut up while resistance countries like Iran and Pakistan and Yemen, and Iraq and Lebanon, restore the barley alive honor of the region and its ancient culture.

  3. The real life Game of Thrones. Not as cool looking as the show but life and death hangs in the balance.

  4. Chinese communist Party and PLA are serious threat to humanity. They are aided by terrorist nations like Pakistan and Iran.

  5. Gotta love that one headline, "Not anti-Semitic: Khamenei defines Iran's goal of wiping out Israel". Sure. Kind of like if he said that he is not Anti-American — he just wants to wipe out America.

  6. Just imagine the power if only Shia and Sunni got together burying their ages of differences. The joint power will be formidable.

  7. You can’t really count on China adhering to any deal, trade or otherwise, with any country. They have broke deals with almost every country, Venezuela for one.

  8. US imposed severe sanctions.killed their general too.they r weak to tackle US alone.they needed a superpower push against their enemies and it came in d name of china.they dont care of losing their land to china…they need power…things escalating to war:(

  9. China is not stupid.
    It is the other countries including USA , Germany and other countries that have fallen into China's trap.

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