Concern over Iran's ability to curb disease

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  1. Mock the Chinese people and government's efforts to contain the spread of this virus Covid-19 and before you know it, it's right in front of you like those kimchi lovers. You don't see them here this often now do you?

  2. They need to wear the masks properly..
    If you get a chance to watch the hospital videos from china, they show how to use them.

  3. To contain the outbreak in Iran. If someone is sick, do deliveries for them, and have that person stay home, sick wearing the mask. People who are sick, don't like to wear coughing masks

  4. China goverment is a bunch of incompetents, but if chinese don't do nothing… “Every nation has the government it deserves”

  5. The virus has no religion and nationality, poor or rich, every country slbetter work together, or it becomes pandemic…
    Pandemic, then chaos will happen in manyplaces..

  6. I know they are still fighting it but China should send some masks and test kits to Iran. Helping them means helping themselves. There should not be any large clusters outside of China or we are risking this thing start spreading again.

  7. Iran needs to surrender unconditionally to the United States, fully disarm, stop supporting terrorists, and allow America unrestricted and unfettered access to all facilities related potentially to WMDs and their total destruction. That could improve their chances of survival. They have to decide what's more important, their fate in this world or the next world.

  8. it is high time America's sanctions should be deferred by other world leaders atleast for the time-being till Iran frees itself from this newcoronavirus

  9. Pray for Iran… 🙏. 🇮🇷. 🇮🇷. 🇮🇷…. Please focus on hand washing with soap… at least 20 seconds too… Thank you… from Thailand…

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