Cooking Persian Food with Mama!

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Written by Yasmin Kavari


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  1. My absolute favorite Persian dish !!! My mom stays making this every few days 😹😹🤎 in this household all we do is eat rice RICE and RICEEEEE 🤣

  2. Everything looks delicious thank you for sharing!!!! Do they still own the restaurant? I live in the central Ohio area and I remember in a vlog a long time ago it was mentioned that they sold it. I'd love to try their food if it's still open once things are back open for business!

  3. Love the Video 💗Definitely gonna try to recreate this meal looks bomb and almost all hispanics also eat every meal with rice 🍚😋 please more cooking with mama kavari !!

    Sending much love and blessings💗✨

  4. She should host a cooking class in LA. All these Persian moms needs to share their secrets, lol. I would pay good ass money for a cooking lesson from Mama Kavari!!!!

  5. The way that you and naz treat y’all parents just shows how great they were to you guys. God bless you guys!

  6. One plate please!!!😋 I love watching other cultures dishes yams I would definitely want to make this!! Love ya Kavari Kween❤️

  7. I'm Moroccan and It's crazy how similar the cuisine is , we also get rid of the chicken smell , but we soak the chicken in vinegar lemons water and ginger .

  8. Hi azizam thank you for posting this video and sharing our culture with the world❤️❤️❤️ i love zereshk polo

  9. Persian food is elite! After I learn how to make all kurdish foods im going to learn how to make every single Persian dish bc persian food is 😍😍😍😍

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