Coronavirus: Iranian president says up to 25 million infected with COVID-19 in Iran

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Written by Global News


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  1. only 14k dead in Iran???? Lol Wish he would help dignify the dead Covid has taken by at least reporting believable numbers.

  2. Holy corona balls batman! We gonna have to send these countries a vaccine before us even! That's bad shape for a nation, and I'm sure as soon as there's a vaccine we will destroy this virus word wide!

  3. Perhaps, CHUMP should take a look at how this country ISN'T handling the virus, and think about why the Iranians are in this position……this president denied the existence, and now look at what is happening!!!!! 25 Million, that has to be unbelievably bad!! 35 million exposed???

  4. But in Iran most people normally wear face coverings… women well bc they are women & men do to for a multitude of reasons including for the dust/dirt, the sun etc…. So I wonder why they have "such a high # in coronavirus cases" 🤔….. masks/ face coverings dont work to prevent viruses….

  5. Dont sell Iran to china like Pakistan. Although I sympathize with Iran for having no choice to deal with American sponsored glabal sanctions on it. Anyway China cannot break American sanctions or China itself will be sanctioned which looks good from a non Chinese perspective unless there is an addiction for Chinese goods. By the way Iran got its coronavirus from Chinese workers sent for projects in Iran. Chinese employers employ mainly Chinese workers over locals. There has been many conflicts in many countries between Chinese supervisors and local workers as they cannot work by chinese rules or working conditions. See Greece or Africa.

  6. The US🇺🇸 needs to sanction Chinese🇨🇳 officials and entities that help the Chinese illegal occupation and aggression of the Spratly and Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

  7. Both Taiwan 🇹🇼and China🇨🇳 must stop its illegal occupation of islands in the South China Sea to conform with international laws.

  8. Chinese🇨🇳 Huawei must be killed because it's a real security risk when it comes to the 5G network.  The US government did not go into a GREAT LENGTH to ban one company just for the sake of competition.

    – does Huawei have connection to the Chinese communist government? Answer: Yes – Many Huawei managers are CCP members,  including Chairman Ren. Chinese government poped Huawei up with $75 Billion for its growth so that it sold the equipments cheaply to bankrupt its competitors.

    – Is Huawei really a security threat? Absolutely! – considering its receives funding from the Chinese Security agency and strong ties to the PLA. Huawei is in fact the front of PLA.

    – Should US put Huawei to death row? Answer: Yes.
    Huawei, along with the South China Sea, is an extension of China's dark ambition to rule the world.
    It must be killed.

  9. No mask? 😷 Infection goes up. 🤮🤧🤒 No economy! 💸
    They are going to shut you down. 🔐👎

  10. Maybe licking/kissing religious statues, even rocks, at the start of the epidemic wasn't the best idea? Just search 'lick stones Iran'.
    I know there are plenty good Iranians, who are not poisoned by too much faith and I want to wish them well from Finland! This will end one day.


  12. "There all in on it together" remember, global communist have no country , city or states. They work for the agenda.

  13. Wake up drones! CCP virus is less dangerous than lawn darts ffs! Check the stats-
    Only 2700 people died yesterday worldwide who had the virus. Thats not to say they died FROM the virus – some of them didnt

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