Cultural invasion, biggest threat jeopardizing Iran’s society (

He made the remarks on Tue. in a local ceremony and stated, “today, cultural invasion is the biggest threat that has jeopardized Iranian society and our cultural authenticity has made us to stand up against this threat.”

By relying upon the assistance of the Almighty God, resorting to the Quranic culture and also obedience to the jurisprudent, the country will be victorious against this cultural assault, Brigadier General Heidari emphasized.

Youth and young adults are at the main target of cultural threats of enemies, he said and stressed, “to confront cultural threats of enemy, we must have access to preliminary tools, one of these tools is the book which can help us raise our awareness about pertinent issues.”

For this purpose, Amirkabir Library, as large as 450 square meters, has been built by the Army Ground Forces, he added.


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