DCS Persian Gulf – F-16C – Online Play – The 5 Ds

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Written by Hellreign82


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  1. Wow….what a smoothness on your gameplay. I will try your settings on my DCS. I have a 1060, but MAYBE i could do something to make DCS smoother. Nowadays my DCS it's a hell. Too low frame rate. I would like to buy something new, maybe exactly F16 itself, but it's unusable with low frame rate, especially for decent pvp.

    Thanks for the video, always great!

  2. Yeah… I'm not a fan of BVR or WVR…. I'll stick to my mud moving and running away from enemy aircraft bravely. I like being responsible for my own rapid deconstructions of my aircraft, rather than simply exploding 10 minutes after pirouetting around the sky dropping chaff and flare.

  3. Good stuff. I guess now that my favourite aircraft finally made it into DCS, its time for me to start playing again rather than just getting my fix from you 😁

  4. You should always drop the bags before any enagegement. Speed is life. The bags also limit your max G and AOA.

  5. I'm a huge fan of yours! Watched almost every video you uploaded. I'm myself kind of DCS noob (130+h), bought Track IR recently, what a huge upgrade! And learnt how to use AMRAAM's yesterday in F-16C, bam, your video on Viper using AMRAAM's 🙂

  6. Tms right long switches between rws and tws, tms right short with no bugged targets bugges all system targets(I think its called that way), tms right with one or more system targets but no primary switches the primary target to the closest contact(if you have your tdc over a bugged target it will make that the primary instead), tms right with a primary and at least one more bugged targets cycles the primary target(from closest to farthest). Tms down in tws with no bugged targets switches your radar back to rws. There is a button(Not sure what its called, something with Action) that switches the Aim9 mode(bore and Slave) for as long as you hold it, really handy in a dogfight because you dont need a radar lock to shoot the Aim-9. It may be helpfull to fight against Ai in singleplayer and analyse it afterwards. Really helps to know the missile ranges. At the Moment the Dynamic Launch zone displayed in your hud is just completely inaccurate. In a bvr fight at 40k at 22nm I would start to shit my pants with the current missile ranges ;). It is advisable to use rws instead of tws whenever your fighting against only one target, that will save you valuable time.
    If someone finds a mistake in this please feel free to point it out.
    Hope that helps! Love your videos!

  7. I tried the f18 and the f16 during the free trial because i wanted to buy them both and i have to say that the f18 feels much better over all. I wished i could love the f16 but i didn't like its flight characteristics. For me the 18 is more reactive while the 16 feels rubbery. Not to mention that the 18 can bring much more missiles. However the 16 is in a early early access so i will buy it when i can see the entire picture if the strike eagle doesn't come out.

  8. hellreign, I noticed your HSD (datalink) wasnt working. Could it be that you did something wrong with the INS alignment (for example rearm whilst it is still aligning, or maybe not pressing enter on lat en long) ?

  9. I agree 100% I never understand how people have fun with BVR. I get it if you do it as a mission with a group of people but PvP you flight high in air and watch your stupid HUD and screens of ranges and you legit just fire missiles and crank few times either you die or other guy dies. Here and there if its okay but I have 100 times more fun with WVR missile fights and gun fights down low.

  10. Not sure if u just didnt worry on takeoff, but f16 has handy hotas command to toggle hmd on/off. Saw u stop to use dial mid dogfight. Dms or tms down from memory

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