Decoding Iran's New 'Qased' Rocket and the 'Noor' Satellite

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Written by Scott Manley


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  1. Acid and kerosene again, as per usual for them. Its high NO2 based acid for sure, so 80/20 RFNA is likely. Nearly 100% positive though that its kerosene or similar long chained hydrocarbon.

    SRM looks to be in-line with the Star SRM. Maybe a touch smaller. Definitely a game changer for Iran and rather surprising.

  2. I think it's more an I.C.B.M. program hidden in plain sight so to Speak. Repalce the 1st. stage with a solid rocket and you have a credible nuclear delivery missile.

  3. Do you think the Iranian Government is sitting back and saying, "look, we are big-time rocket makers, Scott Manley made a video about us, so cool."

  4. Iran is not interested in Space Technology. Iran is interested in BALLISTIC MISSILE technology. A solid propellant 1st stage means that they can launch immediately without having to have the missile sitting on the stand for an hour getting fueled or potentially blowing up with stored hypergolics.

    The USA needs to make it very clear to the Islamo Fascists that the United States UNILATERALLY will not accept a nuclear armed Iran and the day they successfully test a nuclear bomb is the day 24 Trident IID5 missiles leave a US Navy Ballistic Missile Submarine and 192 Mushroom Clouds appear within their borders. There is nothing the UN or any of these useless whiner organizations can do about it and neither Russia nor China is going to go MAD with the USA over their sorry ass. So, they are simply going to die and that's the end of it. No, its not fair. It's not just. It's terrible. But that is the way it is going to be.

  5. One day soon, people, scientists and engineers behind these kind of achievements will take over and democratically, rule this nation
    Iranians love fair interaction and hospitality towards others.
    Thx for this informative video. 🌹

  6. Thank you very much. Let them be happy man! Iran deserves much much more than this. I see people are jealous but common. Without sanctions, Iran for sure wound have been much better than Israel and we know Israel did the same thing on its own in bigger scales in 1980s and that is more than 30 years ago. Iran is still "really" behind and we all, whether Iranians like me or non Iranians must wish them success because the space will get explored by non Whites now which is great. It is good for all of us, whites or non whites. A hungry undeveloped Iran is bad for whites too.

  7. Hello scott, I find out something about the Chinese astronauts and astronauts around the world. I find out that Chineze astronauts do not need people to carry them out after they have landed on earth every time while others need people to carry them out. How would you explain this situation?

  8. They played it backwards so they didn´t risk crashing the drone into the rocket during that sweaping zoom in shot of the rocket. 😀

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