Destabilized by sanctions, Iran is selling its soul to China and India’s Chabahar could be at risk

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  1. The United States has warned India about Iran but India was hard of hearing. It took China to get the message through to India. It couldn't matter less. The United States is committed to destroy both countries. So far it has been using the slow economic strangulation military containment strategy. I think it is time for President Trump to speed the process up. In the nightmare scenario where Comatose Joe Biden is elected President and the Democrats control both houses of Congress both countries will have the US in their hip pocket unless President Trump eliminates them first. Their total destruction is an American national security imperative.

  2. War will be between Islam vs Christianity with no role of India because India never involve in any war

  3. Its a handshake between Satan and the Dragon. Both are equally obsessed with their own fanaticism. Both will lose. Iran will be the victim of its own arrogance.

  4. If one creates crisis, one will get chaos… Everyone will do what is best for them… The smartest guy will win… And the "not so smart" won't even get to eat the proverbial "humble pie"…

  5. Ccp hates Islam, ccp is not your friend, ccp is rectal lumin. All ccp assets out side China should be confiscated.

  6. Starve china with sanctions and all deals with china will be over…
    As far as Iran is concerned …leave it to Saudis and isriel

  7. Iran's main obsession is to build Atomic Weapons by hook or crook to threaten Americans and Israelis including Saudi Arabia.

  8. In Iran 90 percent of Muslim's are Shia and only 10 percent are Sunni so the fact that the CCP has about 1 million Uighur Muslim 'Sunni's' locked up in re-education prisoner of conscience camp's and is forcing them to have Abortion's, is sterilizing them and won't let them re-enter society until their mindset is in harmony with the CCP and it's goals shouldn't be a problem for Iran? Maybe Iran could send their 10 percent Muslim Sunni's to China to be re-educated too so they could all be on the same page? Sound like a plan?

  9. Those who think india will be affected even a bit in this …just know His name is narendra modi …and anything is possible with him …he is a nut crack he will airlift cargo…he can do anything 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. It's all secondary once we switched to renewable energy sources. The moment we don't need fossil fuels anymore all this doesn't really matter anymore.

  11. its time India focuses heavily on Balochistan freedom & use Gwadar port. Iran is always an unreliable country for trade.

  12. Iran is not trusted …. China virus' 😷 & still they love them … Oh they hate USA …. Going against USA ok , but going wid China 🇨🇳 is virus 😷 ….

  13. IRAN can't be trusted but can be tamed but this time it's hard for India to make them do what India wants and CHABAHAR port is at risk and symptoms will come to light slowly .

    Due to US sanctions India had Reduced oil imports from Iran in the last year to the least .
    So China is providing them Cash and All the hard work for destroying CPEC is now endangered as China has new routes to Make it viable .

    Sooner India will take a step to start Imports from IRAN and that's my Bet

  14. Right now Russia is heavily supplying China's petrochemical needs. If china gets oil from Iran, it will dent Russia's business.

  15. This wont be longlived because china being china will show its treachery in no time. This friendship will be over very soon. However World needs to take notice as the WW3 alliances are forming

  16. Are what UN should do with communist china put sanction isolate her of rest of the world

  17. INDIA cannot allow China to have warm relations with IRAN as all the Blockades in Indian Ocean goes to vain .
    INDIAN Diplomacy is at most testing times and RUSSIANs , IRANIANS , CHINESE are all beleaguered by US bullying on financial matters now it put INDIAN security at risk if China to DUMP 400Bn in IRAN .

    This will surely trigger multiplayer Nuclear war where India is at centre Stage .

  18. The one & only option for both India & USA is to block CPEC at any cost…. The most simple trick is –
    1. Help India to get back Pok, (USA this time don't make a mess that you created last time)
    2. Liberate Baluchistan from Pakistan & help 'Beluchistan liberation Army' at any cost
    If any of that can be done than we can break the backbone of China's BRO

  19. Iran don't have a Soul🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌚

  20. China will soon buy out all the countries around india and after making all its bitches china will come after india with full force and that would be devastating for India and then to all the bitches… stoping of that unless we combine ourselves as indian and honestly do some good for country..

  21. Who needs Iran ………….. We can directly reach central asia and Afghanistan after we capture Gilgit baltistan.

  22. The solution for India is simple. Take back POK and Gilgit baltistan from Te/rror/istan. This would give India a direct route to Central Asia via Afghanistan. It would also boost much needed trade in Afghanistan too and will allow India to help them directly with both goods and services traden and militarily.

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