Donald Trump’s Actions In Iran Prove Presidential War Powers Are Out Of Control | Think | NBC News

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  1. He believes that he is king and above the law, so what he says…it is, lmao at the wannabe dictator, no one is above the law, the one thing about liars is, they can't keep the lies straight!!!!!

  2. At a rally held by Steve Bannon this past March, an angry and hostile woman took the mic and said, “Never in my life did I think I would like to see a dictator, but if there’s gonna be one, I want it to be Trump!” which was met with loud cheers and applause from Bannon and the crowd of cultists. It goes without saying that any American who would cheer for that, doesn't believe in liberty, freedom, or the Constitution. Anyone American that cheers for that clearly supports fascism and dictatorships. Trump's cultists don't want an elected official to govern on behalf of the people, they want an authoritarian dictator who will force his will on the nation, and punish anyone who doesn't submit to dogmatic obedience.

  3. Things the Slanted Media and Slanted Politicians don't want to talk about.
    America First the Important stuff = Better Economy, Better Trade deals stopping the cheats, More American Made Jobs, Less Government Assistance and Less Government earned income welfare needed, Less Abortions, Christians Voices heard no longer thrown under the bus, Better Border security less crime, Terrorist broken up, Legal immigration inforced. Past Politicians payoff shady deals exposed.
    The witch hunt impeachment since day one of President Trump is getting old, Americans voted for President Trump for America First ideas and policies period. Not because of Russia
    nor Ukraine or ones Marital issues. The haters and bullies of America First shall not undue the vote of the American people. May the impeachment in the senate go fast and not undue America's vote. Stop the BS.

  4. What do Trumps military actions " prove" ?
    Every President has taken military action of one kind or another.
    Trump is no different. This is not about military action anyway, it's about not " liking" Trump.
    Presidents don' t have to be " liked" to do a good job .
    Some of the best " liked" Presidents were complete disasters !

  5. All well and good professor, except President Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep America FROM war, unlike those Presidents who preceded him… Also, General Qassem Soleimani was not an Iranian Government official, he was head of Iran's notorious 'Revolutionary Guard', who are under the direct control of the Mullahs, and not part of Iran's Government at all, they are in fact there to solely keep the cleric theocracy in power, and to spread the Mullah's ideology throughout the Middle-East through the use of terrorism, so please get your facts right before defaming President Trump, and stop spreading misleading information to the American public…

  6. This is one reason we have an executive office and a Commander and Chief. Right now, especially, we a congress whose members are invested in war and other criminal acts. When we see people come out and stand sith thd thisves and traitors, we must consider whether or not they, too, are among the criminals.

  7. Most people here never left their own town. I had been in 48 countries, communist and socialist countries. Mr. Trump is absolute correct.
    Some people we can not talk. We have to show power. Mr. Trump is doing the best for our country. 
    TRUMP 2020
    These democrats are a bunch of socialists. They do not have a clue of the reality. The president has the power to bomb any country if this country can damage or attack our country. Thank you President Trump.

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