“Electoral Politics in the Islamic Republic of Iran” by Mehrzad Boroujerdi

Professor Mehrzad Boroujerdi discusses the electoral system of the Islamic Republic of Iran at Stanford University on March 14, 2019.
He focused on its laws, electoral management bodies, and shortcomings and analyzes the voting behavior of the citizenry over the last forty years.

Mehrzad Boroujerdi is Professor of Political Science and O’Hanley Faculty Scholar at Syracuse University. He is the author of “Iranian Intellectuals and the West: The Tormented Triumph of Nativism” (1996), and “Postrevolutionary Iran: A Political Handbook” (Syracuse University Press, 2018), and editor of “Mirror for the Muslim Prince: Islam and Theory of Statecraft” (2013). Dr. Boroujerdi is a past President of the Association for Iranian Studies and a principal investigator of the Iran Data Portal.

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