Extraction | Anupama Chopra's Review | Chris Hemsworth | Netflix

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  1. you and your husband dnt have guts to make such calibre movies so you are criticising this one…randeep and hemsworth are at absolute carnage in the movie… ur digging reality in the movie…name the movies that are even close to reality that your husband did..i DARE you…tell me?

  2. Just remember she appreciated WAR😂😂 and she is criticising EXTRACRION…. you hypocrate😂 anupama JHOPDAA😎

  3. This is a good action movie which have real action as they're​ actually real as hell… Don't believe this review if you r action based movie fan..Just watch it…

  4. Agreed on some extent. Just action movie .. for reference we have some good one & all of them had some back story be it starting from old classics like – Rambo series , terminator or even in Iron man of marble. This seems like a brainless , all these characters never get to connect with audience.
    In my review it’s just like a video game not a movie.
    It’s like Race 3 of Hollywood.

  5. She clearly doesn't have any interest in action movies and is incapable of appreciating top-notch action cinematography. It's okay to not review something that she doesn't understand, she doesn't need to exhibit her verbal diarrhea for all entertainment product. Randeep Hooda was looking fab and he acted brilliantly. I'd urge her to continue reviewing Karan Johar's and similar movies, which is her forte.

  6. i really feel that anupama should understand what to actually focus on while watching a movie
    I mean , eyeliner and suits made u lose interest in the movie!??! Come on man
    I think everyone could understand from the trailer itself that this is an action film and thats the focus of the movie. Also I think that is what most of the ppl who watched this movie expected. Anupama should know what to expect from a movie.

    BTW I enjoyed the movie and thought the action was badass. Would definitely recommend it

  7. Looks like Anupama didn't pay much while watching this movie. This is one of the best movies to watch on Netflix. Just go for it and it will remind you of John Wick series. Loved this movie… My rating 9 out of 10.

  8. I don't know why some people is barking here talking about spoiler. I didn't watch her review before I watch the movie, that's how I have avoided getting spoiler. And of course she is right that this movie doesn't have good script. Also it is white saviour movie. Because the market in south Asia is bigger now, it clearly made those gold digger Hollywood people made there plot in south Asia. This movie is no different than those where teenagers and ladies were saved in Mexico or middle east except the shooting venues.

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  10. One theme which i don’t like this is how it’s assumed all cops are sell offs ,corrupt and their death is hence justified similar to fast five which also massacred city cops some may be corrupt but to assume all are corrupt is unjustified .Some of them just might be trying to take down an unprovoked madman.

  11. Who cares her review…. Go watch the movie…. Its good… I write this comment everytime without watching her review

  12. I enjoy movie criticism even, if an action movie gets ripped undeservedly….but, this aunty really annoys me with her chatter expecting a character heavy plotline like Lone Survivor or Apocalypse Now….c'mon, it's a simple plotline with prominence given to action !! Is that hard to digest ? The trailer made that very clear….loosen up lady 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. "white savior" , u such a sick mind, u lost all the respect. How many times in Indian movies dint u see hero going to foreign and saving the world, where was this fcking criticism then. Don't be a fcking chauvinist with a negative sick mind. The most chauvinistic review, pls people stop watching her review, she is not reviewing like a movie lover, she is viewing with many nationalistic prejudices in her mind.

  14. Finally reacted to something worth
    Extraction- Gritty, violent, action thriller, my rating= 4.9/5
    Action sequences are just awesome and🔥🔥🔥
    One take shots are out of the world

  15. was it too much wine or too less of it that made you criticize the movie over such nitpicky subjects!!! I guess you were watching the movie with a magnifying glass. This has to be one of the most useless, biased, and absolutely senseless review i have seen. Randeep Hooda and Rudhraksha Jaiswal were just spell binding in their performance. And Pankaj Thripthi has always been more interested in playing short rolls but he knows how to make them impactful. He is good.

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