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Fiji: ICRC workshops for Police officers on International Rules and Standards


Fiji: ICRC workshops for Police officers on International Rules and Standards

Suva (ICRC) – Two workshops on International Rules and Standards for members of the Fijian Police Force were conducted by ICRC’s Regional Delegate for Police and Security in Asia-Pacific, assisted by the Protection and Communications teams in Suva.     

The first one-day workshop was designed for 35 Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officers from around the country and was held on 02 April. During the workshop, ICRC sensitized officers on the basic principles of internationally recognized standards pertinent to law enforcement, with a focus on the use of force and firearms, arrest, transfer, investigation and detention.

The second workshop in the form of a Roundtable seminar for another 35 Senior police commanders, was held over two days from 04 -05 April. The aim was to initiate discussion on international standards for policing and practicing. During the Roundtable with the Senior police officers, the challenges facing the police in the legal framework internationally applicable to law enforcement operations and the reality on the ground was discussed.

Both the CID workshop and the Roundtable seminar followed a specific request from the Fiji Police Commissioner, Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho, responding to the challenges that his officers face regarding law enforcement. Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho opened the workshop and the Roundtable and praised ICRC for its commitment to providing much-needed training for police officers in Fiji. He also issued a warning to police officers who abuse their powers that they will face the full brunt of the law.

The Commissioner added that the workshops were also important for police officers to enhance their knowledge and understanding of international norms and principles applicable to law enforcement and perform their duties within the applicable legal framework and to protect and respect the rights of the citizens to avoid human rights violations.

The ICRC’s Head of Regional Delegation in the Pacific Vincent Ochilet thanked BG Qiliho for taking the time out of his busy schedule to open the workshop, informing him that the “ICRC is indeed privileged to continue to witness his interest and strong support towards the development of ICRC’s training activities for the Fiji Police Force”.

Mr Ochilet said the objective of the two workshops was to “promote a deeper reflection and awareness of the respect of international rules, domestic laws and internal police procedures through a theoretical and practical approach”. He wished that “the two events, which were the first of its kind in Fiji help to establish an annual high-level discussion between the Police Commanders and ICRC on issues of relevance to police across the country”.

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