Former CIA Agent Mike Baker Bursts Iran WW3 Bubble | Joe Rogan

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  1. I can never really take an American Agent calling someone's else blood thirsty seriously. US is ran by psychopaths. Hizbullah is very bad because they don't let Israel walk over them.

  2. Is Joe trying to say "austere"? If so what a bizarre pronunciation. I think we all know it should be pronounced as "Awe-steer". I thought Joe wax referencing some Arabic term lol

  3. Finally…I couldn't believe how the media just completely disregarded that this was the final retaliation for like 10 other attacks this guy had led. Rogan sounded like jizz rag when he said he was surprised. You kidding me? WE DID TRY OTHER OPTIONS! They didn't work!

  4. Just sorta launched missiles outside a U.S. base. The missiles landed inside the base. That's like saying I shot at the guy but only grazed his shoulder. The plane took off from an Iranian airport 2 min before It was shot down and it was a mistake right. But MSM wants you to Believe that they were able to place missiles where no one was not knowing where people actually were.

  5. This guy is full of shit, everyone knows it was the Saudis who support al Qaeda and isis! Which sent them into iraq to fuck shit up with U.S backing! The Saudis have the same ideaology as Alqaeda and ISIS! The wahabbi salafi sunni islam!

  6. So why would Iran allow passenger jets to still be flying if they were scared of American jets/missles? Why not suspend all flight traffic so they know for sure? Blatant lack of care for civilian saftey

  7. Joe Rogan: "I didn't know you could just kill him."…Where have you BEEN, Joe? Presidents can do that, yes. Not all targets are Bin Laden but strategically speaking Soleimani was. That he was allowed to operate for so long under previous presidents is itself a crime.

  8. Joe u could make that call need a honest badass mo fo like it self trump isn't scared to take shit but because hes trump Joe rogan would say come here bitch I'll woop ur ass not my boys

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