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BEIJING — The U.S. Republicans have not made public comments on the media report of a leaked memo which urges candidates to address the COVID-19 pandemic by attacking China. The silence is in sharp contrast to the overheated anti-China rhetoric some White House politicians, as represented by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have been making ever since the outbreak.

At a time when the international community must join hands to deal with the coronavirus, the U.S. top diplomat has dedicated himself to smearing China’s anti-virus fight, advocating confrontational lenses to view China’s institutional system and attempting to counter China’s efforts to help other nations. However, he welcomed China’s provision of essential medical supplies. Such actions are more fitting to the title of “secretary of separation.”

Pompeo and his allies of the ruling party are following the memo guidelines. Their illogical rhetoric can only be explained by the intention of concealing irresponsibility and incompetence of the U.S. administration that has failed to address public questions on the economy, health care and jobs, and has put reelection at a much higher place than saving lives of the people.

The international community has been hoping for a due role of the United States in confronting the pandemic and the American people have been expecting a clear government plan for mitigating the growing domestic economic pains. The White House politicians are advised to respect the facts, abandon the outdated Cold War mentality, and show political resolve and wisdom of protecting the people’s rights to life and health.

The China-bashing tactic, as used in the campaign mode, might please some anti-China advocates and help win their votes. Still, it is a dangerously short-sighted response to a global crisis that calls for cooperation between the two largest economies of the world.

If these politicians still hold the belief that containing China helps them contain the virus, they will only sink to political cowards and leave their names as historical jokes.

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