Gravitas: A $400 Billion China – Iran deal: Where does it leave the Chabahar project?

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Written by WION


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  1. When India was dealing with Iran in terms of oil, the USA threatened India with Sanctions. Why it is not doing the same with China!!? China has been dealing with all rogue nations and yet no one takes any action against that country.

  2. China invests in Iran, and then Iranian oil is delivered to China through Pakistan! If India attacks Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Iran will also declare war on India!

    Well done, China!

  3. To counter china. Cut off their funding by never buying anything from China…we actually have a war with china…dont fund their military

  4. Iranian talk tough on Kashmir….what abt Chinese Muslim???
    Double standard of mullahs are well known.
    They got easily sold for money.

  5. Full sanctions on China then. The U.S will have to kick China out of the western banking system. This just speeds up the obvious.

  6. So India's investment in Afghanistan is gone because of Taliban and now their investment in Iran is also gone. India probably has the most pathetic foreign policy in the world. Keep it up idiots.

  7. All rogue leaderships are slowly gravitating towards China the biggest rogue in the world. Frankly, one can just watch them commit slow suicide, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and now Iran.

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