Gutfeld on the Iran protests over the jetliner

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Written by Fox News


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  1. The Obama and Clinton's were up to their eyeballs in Russia collusion. Uranium one. Paying a foreign nation to discredit an American running for president. The only collusion with Russia was the Obama administration. Everything points to Obama and the Clinton's and their anti American agenda.

    Obama was a bad actor and should never have been president. One day we will know just how badly the American people were duped and there will be hell to pay for those who took part. Meanwhile we have to put up with Democrats obstructing the president because they lost their butts and gravy trains in the election. They all belong in jail or on the street

  2. There is Juan to many on the 5, make it the 4 or find another to replace the one with acute TDS. The hostile media already attacks everything Trump does at the 93% rate. Why do we have to hear their voice on Fox? I have been getting more and more of my news from OAN these days. One America News.

  3. as iranian i can say Juan is stupid as ROCK
    its easy to demonstrate against USA they fund you to do so
    if go after iran regime they SHOT you and arrest your whole family!
    so as always either JUAN is Stupid or Crooked

  4. Juan, dont you get embarrassed constantly defending the wrong opinions. Have you even set foot over in Iran, only the establishment cronies like you, OVER THERE are missing Solamani . You should go work for CNN.

  5. Juan williams should be given a one way ticket to Iran. Since he is on their side and liberal. Let him join sides in person. Im sure they would greet him with open arms and kisses and he will live forever in peaceful bliss in the paradise with the islamic terrorists living in below 3rd world conditions. Send juan home.

  6. Juan and Donna Brazil really FOX after all this time you still don’t read the people’s comments! No one wants them and you lose your audience every time they front up on Fox. I don’t understand what your objective is here.

  7. A complete denial of Washington involvement in the problems in Iran now and in the past when the US CIA murdered the top 300 people in the democratically elected government in 1953.

  8. Our Lord Jesus is doing " A NEW THING ".. Just as he told his bondsman prophets before POTUS TRUMP came to tenure…. HALLELUJAH EMMNAUELLE..
    Check out the 'Prince Charles vision ' Had by The Prayer Walker and humble and honest bondsman to our Lord Henry Gruver..

  9. If all Americans voted for Republicans and independents in November and snubbed the Democrats does any think the dems would realize they pushed Americans to far?

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