How Iran's Soleimani became a US target

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Written by Vox


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  1. The lebanese "militias" saved my country from total destruction by israeli invasion and resisted the occupation of my land in south lebanon. Our homes were bombed and raided by israelis and my parents went through the worst during israeli occupation.

  2. The Iran contras weren't even mentioned, anytime the CIA wasn't happy with things,the armed them to the teeth and led the coup

  3. I can make this simple
    The US invaded Iraq

    Despite US claims of wanting a unified Iraq what they really wanted was to
    A. Use Iraq as a launching pad against Iran
    B. Control Iraqis energy reserves
    C. Prevent and Iraq Iran Syria detente
    D. Break Iraq up into smaller weaker more controllable parts
    Soleimani was the man most responsible for preventing those covert goals and making sure that the US benign stated intention of a strong independent democratic Iraq actually took place.
    He jostled Iraq Shia parties to accept the govt limited Sunni Shia genocide organized militias that fought and drove out ISIS coordinated with Syria and Iraq to prevent a Sunni terror state blocked the Kurds from seizing Kirkuk and creating a separate country.
    The CIA was furious that not only were most of their goals prevented or limited in many cases they backfired completely leaving Iran in a stronger position
    They pressured Trump into assassinating Solemani hoping that killing him would intimidate Iran in to limiting its influence (read push for regional independence) and accept its place as a subservient state.

    This also backfired when Iran doubled down showed its military might and launched a barrage into a US base.

  4. Wait… Tehran supports the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades? Those guys are an armed wing of Fatah, the party that Palestine’s President Mahmoud Abbas belongs to. Though I think it’s an open question as to whether or not Fatah’s political leadership has the actual power to decide whether or not the Brigades are allowed to have a relationship with Iran.

  5. This is an excellent an objective video.

    It really does go to show who the man was, in what context he rose to power, what his goals were, and what his legacy means.

  6. Iran: it’s only ok when we want to interfere with other governments, murder people in foreign countries, and change foreign regime.

  7. This analysis is one-sided to show as if US has no role or militias backing its cause in Iraq and rest of Middle East. I am not asking you to treat Iran favorably but at least be balanced in your reporting.

  8. This is a very interesting topic to keep track of and re-examine in 6 months to see how the situation has evolved, who is coming in to fill the shoes of Soleimani and how this web will change and reform as well as the broader effects of the American assassination of the general.

  9. This documentary does honestly try to not mention all the things that USA was doing in those countries making them look nice…

  10. you should do a video on the history of the borders in the middle east and africa from empires and colonialism to now

  11. Vox doesn't blame America for everything on Earth one time, the comments: tHiS VidEo iS sO mIs-iNfoRmeD

    Or maybe it's more complicated than just blaming America.

  12. So, these wars were happened due to some different opinion on religion? Why don't iran and iraq agree on a new islam that share both good teachings?

  13. In this video you are actually trying to say that it was America which paved the way for irani influence in middle East. How ironic it is that a country is being helped by its own enemy. I think that America is doing so because it wants to keep oil rich Saudis under its control by creating a situation in which they will feel insecure and will continuously remain dependent on American assistance.

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