How NBC Verified Video Of Iran Protests | NBC News NOW

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Written by NBC News


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  1. I have Iranian friends in America. They’ve verified the people’s hatred for the government for years. That’s been enough for me and why I knew the Soleimani protests weren’t out of genuine sentiment, but rather out of fear. Kind of like how North Koreans are made to cry for dead leaders.

  2. Hey NBC welcome to the party.
    Now tell us how NBC verified the Steele Dossier was garbage like two years ago but never told the American public!

  3. Fake news NBC fake news NBC proven 💛💜💛 . Look everybody, NBC did wall-to-wall coverage when the protests were organized by the government against Trump and USA, but now it turns out the people love Trump and USA and hate sulejmani that media is hardly covering it

  4. They denied shooting down the plane, then they admitted it after people had enough time to speculate the wreck.
    Do they think people would still believe when they say they didn't use any live rounds?

  5. It is unfortunate what humanity does. The supreme leader should speak to give explanation and generosity to the living for the unfortunate loss. A loss that occured because humanity is sick. And that sickness shows itself in times like this. That we all must overcome this sickness. Fear drove Mr.Trump to do what he did. Fear drove those poor souls to the ground in fire. We fear each other. So we hurt each other. This is the sickness. And those souls upon that plane are in a place far removed from that sickness. – well maybe he shouldn't say that but it's the truth

  6. Thanks for reporting what the protesters are doing. They are brave souls. Keep protecting their identity because those sick Regime pigs have started shooting the young protestors. Soliemani was the snipers leader. A Terrorist who had the blood of many on his hands. It wasn't a assassination, it was Justice Served. Did you see them pull his posters down and walking on it?

  7. The demonstration was led by the British Ambassador through the Iranian Embassy. The videos are inside youtube after European and American media are lying to you about Iran. There are many tourists who have traveled to Iran Please watch their videos and find out what Iran is !!!

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