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  1. Im not saying that this couldn't/Didn't happen but this seems like a propaganda. Even Iranian state Media shows proof sometimes LOL.

  2. Good job America I would have loved to see the look on the Iranians face when he saw the F22s he probably gulped than shit himself 🤣👍🇺🇸💪

  3. you guys calling this fake or bs obviously have no memory or dont understand aircraft at all. This was confirmed by BOTH SIDES years ago. F-22's are still hands down the best aircraft in thew world, f-35's have better software and helmet tech along with the new high speed connection system linking all friendly aircraft to a main system for a 3-d visualization of the battle space but in any event the Iranian f-4's are like the speeders on that salt planet in The Last Jedi. My Uncle works for a large weapon manufacturer building ata and atg missiles for the air-force and army after retiring as a colonel flying b-52's for 23 years with a security clearance level that sounds like its from a video game but rest assured, its real. He's told me theres more than 100 events like this happening every year they never report because the pilots or C.O. didnt want to get written up for fucking around with a billion dollar weapon!

    Then theres the fact that the f-4 was designed in the late 50's as an interceptor, not a dog fighting machine, so while the Iranian coffins were focused solely on the drone that was flying in international skys, the 22's were verifying the weapons and state of the f-4's from right underneath. They had fired at a drone the week prior with a few su-25's so the D.D. decided on protecting the flights, which nothing can touch the f-22's so it wasnt a big deal to send them up to keep things safe. Considering each aircraft can track and direct ordinance from other sources to over 20 targets with their own radar and the navy has the only FUNCTIONAL hyper sonic missiles Iran could launch their entire fleet of f-4's at the 22's and the result would be the same, complete destruction in a matter of seconds.

  4. A 3rd Gen jet from the developed in the 60's with the RCS of a bus got ambushed and given a warning from a top of the line 5th Gen stealth jet. This seems like a no brainer.

  5. Iran Country The Airforce Jet Fighter Not Have Chaina Radar & Warfere Aquipmant & Early Warning System In His National Security Air Control For Detech Intruder Flight Operation In His Air Zone Areal, …. God Bless All, ….. Cheerio.🌠👍👍👍🌠🌟🌠.

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