How Will Theaters Survive – A New Exhibition Model | Anupama Chopra | Film Companion

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  1. I am just talking about the first 5 mins of the interview. In my observation, Anurag would do great in a Corporate setup (Sarcasm). I remember him bashing the exhibitors and theater owners last time while having a one on one interview, today while everyone was present, his answer was a right mix of politically correct and a slight reality check (Which I feel should have been more).

  2. Enjoyed the discussion & got to learn quite a few things as well about the Indian film industry, Thanks FC team

  3. Great discussion, but trust me the Telgu model is not the right way to go while such restrictions in the short run may produce benefits however in the long run killing the free market will always lead to stifling of innovation, delaying inevitable progress and reducing someone’s ability to disrupt the market and we would end creating sinecures for extremely powerful people like Daggubati Suresh Babu who may just end up controlling the entire value chain. A free market model might look messy to begin with but the benefits of giving people liberty always produce disproportionate returns in the long run

  4. everyone saying that bollywood needs to be closed, theatres need to be closed etc. There are approx. 100 star kids but thousands and lakhs of families ka khana depends on films and theatres? unka kaam band karke kaunsa justice dila doge Sushant ko?

  5. My relatives own theatres too but it’s been more than a decade since I have been to any shit theatre… I pity people who pay and watch these shit actors…. 👎👎 neither I subscribed to amazon, netflix etc garbage. jai hind.

  6. Who the hell has written the subtitles. Haha. I mean Pongal is fungul, four more is forward. Common guys…. This is unprofessional

  7. Chahte to the aap sabki filmein dekhe, per ab mood Nahin hai. Kaun fir se in Nepo kids ki pictures dekhe kaun fir Kisi deserving actor ko neglect kare. Dekhenge jab Sushant ko justice Milega to.

  8. A very needful and a useful webinar. Thank you Anupama MA’am and Film companion form bringing such great minds on this platform.

  9. The old man from UFO is clueless and lost in the weeds.But he makes a good point on switching the revenue model to a share of the gate. That can particularly help small films. Its high time the box office became honest and transparent. That will improve governance across the entire value chain and the industry will then attract public and professional investment. That is the only way this industry can survive and grow.

  10. Honestly i don't care about Bollywood and their production companies
    I use Netflix which is ❤️😍 and cost cheaper than theater ticket and has a humongous catalogue of movies and TV series and I will never ever go to theatre for any Bollywood movie

  11. I am a cinema lover! Waiting for the theatres to open and for it to be safe, to watch all kind of movies with my popcorn. Thank you film companion for this panel discussion, really liked it and learnt so much about the commercial side of the movies

  12. pls go to Rajeev Masand's ig, twitter and youtube and call him out. He played a huge part in mentally torturing Sushant Singh Rajput. He has blood in his hand. Please call him out for the blind items he wrote about Sushant Singh Rajput for 5 years till last week of his life to defame and harass him. He has been deleting comments in ig, fb and youtube. Please call him out so that another vulnerable outsider does not get harassed by Rajeev Masand and bullywood mafias in future.

  13. Movie exhibition on normal screens are doomed. Only genuine IMAX films will work. And maybe, 4DX. ScreenX is another gimmick that might shutdown. Why pay exorbitantly when most of excellent content can be watched on personal screens. Outdoor watching makes sense only for IMAX shot movies. And genuine 3D but again not a big fan of 3D. VR could be a new way but dunno if there's enough good content worth paying for a ticket in a movie theater or a few cubicles. VR is tricky but could be something for ticketing.

  14. Another point I forgot to mention. Why would public pay for tickets when they can watch on OTT platforms without interval & ads?

  15. Watching mediocre content on big screens for a price is something people totally don't want to do. They can always stop a boring film on a Netflix or a Prime etc.

  16. These people just loot the audiences. I pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar, and I CAN wait for 6 weeks after theatrical release to watch it on OTT.

  17. Everyone will survive but not Bollywood mafia nepotism gang. It is over. If suicide was an extreme step so is boycotting any movie having nepotism or mafia elements in it. For Sushant.

  18. I have decided already to see the bollywood movies only on OTT platform….and the some fantastic Hollywood/bollywood movies in multiplex and that only 2/3 in year…in nutshell do the creative work not the bullshit…

  19. Good chat ! it would be great if you get marketers point of view in and get studio film marketers on the panel. will be more in-depth.

  20. I personally do not think that today's Bollywoord stars are worthy enough for me to go to the theatre and flush out 500-600 bucks for movie+ snacks when I can do the same in-home for a fraction of the price

  21. Daggubatti Suresh seems to be very very intelligent and experienced. Just wrong choice of words. Ladies films. Chalo never mind.

  22. So it takes the death of a top star and public outrage, and possibility of being banned by the public, for bollywood to begin to talk sense.

  23. If you make # HINDI # FILMS and Live in such a beautiful country # INDIA # being # INDIANS # THEN WHY THE HELL YOU ALL SPEAKING IN ENGLISH, AS I CAN SAY MAYBE 20% logo ko zyaada english nahi aati hogi specially in villages. Then why dont u all speak a language which everyone would understand specially in rural small towns where not every audience member speaks in English. THINK ABOUT IT ANUPAMA, BE PROUD OF YOUR LANGUAGE OR JUST DONT MAKE THESE VIDEOS !!!!!

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