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  1. Iran is doing badly economically, because the U.S. and its puppet allies lied, to get them into the JCPOA all with the intent of never fulfilling its part of the agreement, all which piling unfair, illegal, and inhumane sanctions where even cancer patients and other terminally ill patients are not even spared. This is not analysis, or even an article, this is propaganda, the type you hear from the fox outlet. I always gave the economist more credit than it deserved, but this bit of propaganda shows me you're either willfully or not knowingly shaping peoples thoughts/opinions based on lies, or very negligible research. I am disappointed!!!

  2. There is a great deal of ambiguity around the downing of the plane over Tehran. The behaviour of this plane was extremely strange once in the air. The Ukrainian plane transponder as well as their communications systems cease to function minutes into the flight. The first missile seems not to hit the plane (warning). The pilot recognises that something is seriously wrong and tries to turn the plane around back towards Imam Khomeini airport. At no point, a mayday signal were sent to indicate stress or the planes intensions. As it begins to turn it seems to be moving towards high value targets. Earlier, that day engineering had spotted abnormalities with the plane and wanted to further inspect the plane. So, flight was delayed. The Ukrainian representative in Tehran started to place pressure on the airport authorities to approve flight. They shouldn’t have but reluctantly agreed. Once airborne minutes into the flight Iranians detected movements in US bases around Iran. At more or less the same time plane’s transponder stopped and no further communications was made. Presumably their signal disappeared on the radar too. The air-defence detects an identified projectile moving towards a high value target. And the rest is history.

  3. Hi
    Look I tall you some think from inside military
    The air crash was at perpes
    Same time it was few f35 fly at the Persian golf and Iranian know the can't put the down that why the shoot the air line
    For excuse the American f 35
    Look same accident was happin last years in syria
    When syria shot down the Russian airline

  4. People in Iran may not like their government but Iranians never kneel for corrupt western style so called democracy. They seen 1952 Western democracy imposed on them by CIA ans MI6.

  5. Iran's animosity towards America is a self defeating obsession. Sensible leaders would have sought to put it behind them and concentrated on developing as another wealthy gulf state at peace with the world.

  6. *HOW MANY MISSILES does Iran have to fire against a Civilian jet filled with foreigners before the LIBERAL MEDIA say it was done on
    This was done shortly after Iran launched ballistic missiles against IRAQ, Iran expected America to attack them and would have
    blamed America for the plane IRAN SHOT DOWN.

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