Iran braces for new coronavirus wave after surge in infections

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  1. Yet Iran isn't desisting from supporting butcher assad who has killed 2million Syrians n still killing everyday with impunity with help from evil russia

  2. Why Muslim country not looking after there people,non Muslim country government give money to be home

  3. who really died in Iran?
    with or from?
    which age?
    What about bad health system?

    '2. wave' propaganda is nothing else than making fear and control THE PEOPLE!

    Perhaps it's the agenda
    to c r e a t e another pandemic situation…then 'they' will vacc chip by force and take over control?

    aim achieved!

  4. China has done a wonderful job with the Uighurs. That is exactly how every last one of them.must be treated

  5. Where are all those Iran bots saying we should learn from Iran??? 🤔 Iran govt always shooting themselves in the foot again. That’s prob why they want to execute someone. They’re angry and will falsely accuse anyone even tho they are innocent. Good luck to the Iranian ppl 💜 but not the govt 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. This channel will not air any good news wen it come Iran Venezuela Nicaragua or Cuba dats a fact coz the Zionist will not let them to do so

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