Iran faces renewed protests over plane takedown | DW News

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  1. the whole thing is very ridiculous when someone says the responsible will be put to trial.
    is it possible that the country shoots a surface to air missile at the border(although i have seen this one is inside which makes it worse) as an act of defence and the country's leader isn't informed quickly? i don't think so. so then the entire hierarchy of the trials will be managed by the responsibles themselves. that leads to volunteers to take the blame to save the entire system from collapsing.
    in public it will look like a trial, but in the inside, it's just a group of people, that some of them volunteer to look like the victim, then a pile of media and distraction will be used to cover the thing up and make people give up on it over a long period of time.
    also the iranian leader lead the meeting that lead to that missile attack on US which lead to the plane being shot down. and yet they did NOTHING(ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) to increase the safety of the people. the people's safety was completely ignored… that only tells you of the kind of people that would be present in that meeting. each single one of them would've been able to put his foot down and complain and prevent this.

  2. Iran regime is extremely evil! It is criminal! It is a fanatic religious kakistocracy that do not represent the majority of Iranian people. Iran is 81 million people. 85% of the population now is against the Mullahs regime!

  3. Trump wanted to attack and kill Iranians now he's supporting their protest, what a hypocrite. Iranians you need to be wise trump wants to divide and conquer you. At same time using you to avoid impeachment

  4. They have posted pictures of the shrapnel holes on the down Aircraft on line! The evidence was very clear and could not be hidden! My condolences to all families involved! 🇨🇦😞

  5. It was a mistake! & the iranian should not punish their government for an error done by their military unintentionally for a mere safety act for its people. Please be united & have more understanding or the foreign bodies may take an advantage of the current situation there. The blame should go to US for theiy started the cruel killing of the iranian military general. A honest brave iranian government to admit errors & its consequences. May God Bless the Iranian for their bravery & honesty despite the tragic losses. Our prayers goes to all the crash victim & may their beloved family be given strength to pull through. Aameen.

  6. It's foolish to think that the regime change is coming to Iran because it's people are demonstrating. There were far bigger anti Trump demonstrations in the US yet nothing happened.

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