Iran fires missiles at a mock U.S. Navy ship during military drill

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Written by CNBC Television


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  1. The music makes it all so much more scary for republicans good job they are cowards and want more war they will not fight in.

  2. Can't have a news story without getting a little dig in at the end against Donald Trump. This one is as shameful as it gets. If a deal doesn't work for us, we have a right to end it. Iran is welcomed to renegotiate, but if they respond with hostility it's not Trump's fault… Just like if you're negotiating with a car dealership, and they're not giving you the deal you want, but you respond with hostility; it's not their fault for not giving you your way. It's your fault for choosing hostility over peaceful negotiation.

  3. The world has seen that the U.S. is falling into chaos. They are taking advantage of Trump in office because they know Putin controls him and they have nothing to fear. Basically the Buzzards are circling the carcass just waiting for the Bear to stop eating, then they will swoop in for the scraps.

  4. Oh my! The Iranians weren't wearing masks nor were they social distancing, & it certainly wasn't a BLM protest! Someone call Joe Biden & the Democrats!

  5. Hope they had fun. If this was an actual U. S. carrier task force half of Irans war machine would have been destroyed in one day. Don't mess with the U.S.A. Peace initiatives would be a far better option.

  6. The toy boat is docked! Way to aid the extreme muslim propagamda machine, fascist media.
    Hey iran,our ships shoot back!

  7. Can we all just get along and stop being childish.. Show our upcoming generations we are all human race and love one another..

  8. Whats up with the tense music, if this is an annual war game, seems pretty dumb to act like its some prep for war on America. Secondly, how is this a mock American ship, could this not be any warship? Third, what does the us/trump expect when you pull out of a deal that makes sure Iran does not enrich uranium of nukes. Now they can do what every they want, he was stupid to pull out of that deal.

  9. The US is the agressor in foreign areas. It’s fair for these countries that otherwise would care about US, to prepare to defend against US.

  10. Man look, we have a lot of enemies and Trump wants to divide us and blow Putin. Understand, 10,000 years of the white mans unfettered cruelty towards his fellow man and 400 years of US mess domestic abs abroad is not going to be overlooked forever… America has to change

  11. The US military is “playing” and being agressive in Iran’s area. US is the wrong one.
    About protecting the oil…buy USA oil, Made and designed in American Electric Vehicles, use solar panels. Then leave the middle east alone. Don’t send money their, or protect, or arm any of them.

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