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Iran Human Rights | Article: Iran Executions: Man Hanged at Mahabad Prison |


Human Rights (IHR); July 9, 2019: A prisoner was hanged at Mahabad Prison’s courtyard this morning. Other prisoners could watch the execution scene from their cells’ windows. Mahabad city is located in northwestern

According to the IHR sources, on the early morning of Tuesday, July 9, a prisoner was hanged at Mahabad prison. The execution took place at the prison’s courtyard and other prisoners were able to watch the scene. IHR can confirm the identity of the executed prisoner as Veis Alipour, a resident of Shamat village. 

“In an extraordinary event, Veis’s execution was carried out at the prison’s courtyard. Prisoners could see and hear everything,” the source told IHR. 

His execution is not announced by ian media or authorities so far. 

According to the Human Rights statistic department, at least 273 people were executed in in 2018. At least 188 of them executed for murder charges.



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