Iran Is Being Baited Into WAR: Mysterious Explosions and Sabotage

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  2. There have been increased explosions and fires since the summer – dozens of them. Most of these are small. The important ones are an exception. Why would Israel start a fire in an Iranian park, for example? But there have been numerous park fires. Most of these events have to be internal actions. The Iranian resistance says, in fact, that they have people in parts of the government. This report is a speculative line of bull.

  3. Please look into the fires starting in the U.S., Israel and Saudi power plants. The media isn't covering them…

  4. Iran is on the list of 7 countries to destroyed after 9/11 as outlined in PNAC in 2000.

    Anyway, whoever is in the WH, the Zionists still control WH & USA, and the world in general

  5. What she fails to mention…..Iran is building NUCLEAR WEAPONS…..does she want to sit there and DO NOTHING? Having some buildings destroyed to slow their progress is a very small price to pay to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands.

  6. Kim it’s all AIPAC the multi billion dollar Zionest lobbying group that owns Congress and the entire US media….we are all stooges

  7. israel IS NOT A FRIEND OF AMERICA !!!

  8. The USA needs another BIG WAR on behalf of its Master Israel, as the US Empire is collapsing, and with 50 million unemployed Americans, America NEEDS another external enemy to distract its own people from their desperate debt slavery and grinding poverty.

  9. Not trump but bibi, bibi needs the war, distraction, misdirection away from his charges, crimes in Israel
    Lock Him up, lock him up, lock him up no more bibi

  10. Because it is in the nature of most human
    Many of the human can not live in peace even
    When the DEATH ARE STARING at them in their faces .
    So let slip the dogs fo wars and get rid of this parasite call human.

    Here are some hidden massages.
    If you smash the head of the snake ,the rest of the body may have the
    Last twitches but, in due times , the whole body will cease to move

    The lates news is the leader of Iran came out and admitted that the Iranian
    Cases of Covid.-19. Have reaches to approximately 25,000,000,
    I don't think that the Iranian are ready for any war anytime soon .

  11. There’s a massive revival taking place with the people in Iran. Millions are converting to Christianity.
    USA and Israel bombs them back to the Stone Age, why?
    Think about it.

  12. Things are not as simple as some of you make it seem. First, Iran has been supplying Missiles to Hizbulla and arming other Palestinian groups in the Middle East. Also, from time to time they talk about totally annihilating Israel. The Arabs don't want Iran interfering in Palestinian politics. They consider it an Arab problem. Second, Israel has been cozying up to Saudi Arabia, who is at war in Yemen. They are fighting the Shia Houthis supported by Shia Iranian arms. The Houthis have landed a couple of missiles in Riyadh. The Sunni Saudis may have goaded Israel to harass the Iranians. I believe (not sure) that the Saudis purchased the missile defense system from Israel. Third Cohen who wants to be Israeli PM may have simply initiated these attacks and then revealed that he was responsible for the attacks, simply to win the upcoming election. Then again this is the Middle East and these attacks may be due to totally different reasons. When all is said and done Israel is the only real friend that USA has in the Middle East.

  13. Trump is a Zionist lapdog. He's in full on cahoots with Israel more than any previous president and this has been the case long before his presidency. For starters, he was given the Tree of Life Award in 1983. Sheldon Adelson gave Trumps campaign at least 25 million first time around and he's giving over 100 million in 2020. This ensures many things will be in favor of Israel, such as the Middle East peace plan, which was rejected by Palestine and most Arab countries for giving them the short end of the stick as usual. Israel is an apartheid state period. It's clear as day. They make every effort to sensor the truth, scrub the media and spread misinformation. They accuse everyone of wrongdoings and play the victim constantly, while committing atrocities continuously. How is it alright for almost 2 million Palestinians who are legit citizens of Israel to be subject to oppression and discrimination? It's not. How is dumping white phosphorus in an air strike onto populated areas in Gaza alright? It's not. The US and other nations need to support a boycott, divestment and a sanctions campaign against Israel. Bibi is a straight up criminal, as we can see currently with his corruption charges. How does Israel continue to be exempt? These are war crimes. These are crimes against humanity. Sabotaging and destroying Iranian property repeatedly to provoke a war? Really?? What else needs to happen for the world to put the kibosh on their bullshit?

    On a side note…I'd like to thank Kim for wearing that pink shirt. 🙏🏼

  14. Israel is reaching new level of depravity. Likewise the US. Natanyahu and Trump are hoping for war to stay in power. Corruption is rampant in both countries. ISRAEL WILL FIGHT TO THE LAST AMERICAN.

  15. You know zero about the situation in Iran. A tyrant regime that has executed tens and thousands of its own people. For god's sake go read more about the region and why Israel continued to bomb the murderess.

  16. Trump regime is working with Israelis mossad to start a war with Iran to distract the American people from how poorly he is handling the economy.

  17. In the next few months, will Israel directly attack Iran, and the U.S. attack China? Inquiring minds want to know!

  18. Given the circumstances and facts every time Kim comes up with a new clip about Israel then there are a lot of Trolls present right away their spread hate lie propaganda and deception in favor of Israel these are hopeless figures who use fake account and they are paid by the loby the best way to deal with them online is to ignore them because arguing with a professional liar is a waste of time and it makes no sense.

  19. I really would like to join your newsletter but I just don’t see a way to do it because there’s no description about your news letter at least not on my iPhone a huge fan of yours I want to show all the time I love the shout out I listen to every chance I get if I get a chance I get but there’s no way to join the newsletter because it there’s no description down below it’s not my iPhone anyway

  20. Thank you Kim. Thank you for being one of the few news analysts that will be honest about our Saudi and Israel problem. Israel is NOT our ally. They repeatedly make aggressive expansion campaigns against the people of Palestine and drag us into pointless wars. We must leave the Middle East, bring troops home, build the wall, and DO OUR OWN THING. Let’s allow the suicidal nations who want to play with fire to their own devices so long as it’s not impacting our well being. End the world policing

  21. The USA is collapsing anyway. The rest of the world just needs to be patient, and The Zionist Cabal of Bankers that controls the US FED and US banking system will destroy the USA all by itself.

  22. getting Iran in nuclear power is a goat them into war when their is better ways to electric power and Israel doesn't own America they shit on it -they should stop trying to spend the money from America's war chest -the country is to small for all the shit it wants everybody to eat for their god and I don't see a Jewish star on the dollar -I see a pyramid as far as allies and that trick of the kosher meal of selling everyone shit isn't being a ally -its being a enemy -that's not free energy that's no energy -the way i see it is that America should sell Iran free energy -a friend in need is a friend indeed -because the way Israel treats people not to many people want to be friends – no one in right mind going to eat shit while Israel smiles at them

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