Iran issues arrest warrant for Donald Trump

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  1. Okay so the Russia interference didnt go well. So the Democrats are now looking to Iran to arrest Trump. BLM the marxists group sponsored by billionaires wants him to resign and plan to stop his re-election. Trump must be pushing some cronnies buttons. Sure going all out now to swing voters.

  2. They need to be bombed into the Stone age. Oh wait, they're just basically cave men with cars and robes for clothing.

  3. Iran hasn’t received their annual 15bn bonus this year yet (probably to use on nuclear) and are trying to bully the USA like they did with Obummer through the corrupt Clinton foundation and others.
    They must not have received the memo, well here it is. Obama is an appeaser and President Trump is nothing like him. Capisch…He got the whole country behind him Ese.
    A vote for anybody but President trump is a vote for antifa terrorists, Iran’s nuclear threats, blatant looting matters, and continued mainstream media manipulation.

  4. The Iranian regime has been splintered as their civilians realised “Allah” is not great as the Potus Mr Donald J Trump ordered the assasination of a religious leader, and was successful. Potus Mr Donald J Trump is no god, but to date he has saved more lives than any god, since his time in office. Trump 2020.

  5. How can Iran call of Donald Trump's arrest after they abuse human rights laws all the time like hanging gay people stoning women

  6. Iran has something that governments want hidden under ground and they are looking for anyway possible to get the technology. Any excuse for a war .

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