Iran reports highest one-day COVID-19 deaths since outbreak

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  1. Iranian ignorance.
    Who can forget all the people crammed into Mosques and the
    half-witted Ayatollah's indifference.
    The Ayatollah wants a nuclear bomb and is directing all his efforts
    to achieve that lethal goal.
    The economic and medical well-being of the people has never been a concern.
    Providing they don't challenge his fascist theocracy.

  2. IRAN was the country which ran flights to dangerous CHINA in peak disease time…Pls don't trust China they transport Virus

  3. Shameless aljazeera. As if its a game for you. To hide behind the "free press" card. We re not restricting any media outlets, we re just disgusted at how your reporter slander us. We too have the "freedom of speech" especially regarding our country!

  4. Sad for the Iranian people.
    Why doesn't the Iranian government direct its financial resources to this tragedy instead of nuclear development?

  5. We are Malaysians, we are not bot – Al Jazeera is a fake news spreader – 💯 trash level of journalism – ❌❌❌

  6. Iran government are good for blaming others than themselves, accept your responsibility and mistakes so you can grow up!

  7. Before mt comment get delete;
    I have one question for everyone that watch news,
    What is one thing all news have in common?
    spreads FEAR!!!!

  8. As if Qatar is not badly effected! Look at your own horrible infection,dumbass! Such a shame a tiny and rich country couldn’t contain the spreads effectively! Qatar is such a stupid country without brains! Useless!
    No wonder AlJazeera spreads fake news on Malaysia!

  9. I remember what Denzel Washington said in one video that talk abt news and what news media should do.
    Take responsibility of whatever news you give out.
    As a muslim media. To spread fitnah, it is more dangerous than murder.
    Remember what Rasulullah SAW said.

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