Iran to boost Syria's air defenses in face of Israeli attacks

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Written by New China TV


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  1. Step up your nuke to protecting your nation like the US has more military base & threatens weapons more than many other Nations🇺🇸💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

  2. Never use Chinese fake low quality Air defense systems.. They are just to loot dollars from poor countries. Recently, Iran's nuclear enrichment programme base got destroyed by missiles evading this fake chinese air defense systems around it lol😂😂😂😂😂. Never trust fake products. 😖😖👎👎👎👎😖

  3. Good job Iran! I would love to see the whole middle East come together as one people and stand up to the great satton…

  4. Israel mostly targeted Iranian missiles supplies to Hezbollah, but also Iranian bases which are considered threats to the existence of Israel or had been attacking Israel. Israel doesn't tolerate any threat of other nations or groups demolishing the state of Israel and threatsto its national security, just like China doesn't tolerate any threat to its national security.
    China is Israel's good friend and Iran's good friend. China wouldn't like any side to be threatened or stop to exist, despite not caring at all about Israel- Iran relations. At the end if Iran will be starting to be aggressive, I wouldn't have any doubt that China would stand strong to both sides and be peace maker.

  5. Isreal is a real enemy of muslims, unfortunately very few Islamic countries like Pakistan, iran Turkey Indonesia Malaysia knows he is a real threat to islam but unfortunately our arab countries are puppets of isreal soon they will face the consequences of friendship with a Muslim and Islam enemy country….

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