Iran, U.S. Tensions Heighten After Passenger Jet Incident | NBC News NOW

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Written by NBC News


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  1. MORE trouble for THE trump ADMINISTRATION if he didn't HAVE any BAD luck he wouldn't have NO luck at all serves HIM RIGHT couldn't HAPPEN TO a nicer guy

  2. Everything the US military says is a lie… They killed one million? People in Iraq? Maybe a few hundred thousand???

    They used to pay Iraqis to attack Iraq, why would they car about terrorizing a commercial airliner and knocking out a old man???

    I bet the Jinns in the USAF are laughing tonight! look at the trouble they caused!


    -James Bond

  3. Iran maybe send air defence missile battery to Iraq and Syria because Russian S 300 is not working in Syria communications system is disconnect.

  4. not russia or china unfortunately,,, they got more power together to the take over the world ,,, cause they got bigger guns

  5. P.s. Trump has ruined your relationship with all of your allies,,, so,,, good luck with this illegal evil imperialist war. I won’t shed a tear for any dead us troops.

  6. Trump is and will do everything he can to get reelected including full frontal assault on China and provoking Iran into military clash. His unhinged action will lead America to a point of no return.

  7. Why do people keep quoting the Bible as if it was predicting historical events? The Bible is a spiritual book. Trying to forsee the historical future in it is plain esoterism and divination disguised as christianity, and it's false doctrine and blind faith, which Jesus hates.

  8. When is the world realize that America is run by a bunch of hoodlums, hooligans, gangsters, misfits of society and a good measure of deranged individuals.

  9. If this Carnival Barker… The total A-hole posing as the Clown-in-Chief tries to start a war with Iran at this time? And those others in government actually let him do that? Thank you Mr. Putin for all your efforts… You've done a good job. Now all we have to do is see how Russia benefits… and then bend over and kiss our *sses good-bye…

  10. AMERICA Have you had Enough yet ?????

    Desperation drives trump now. Lot of stuff will be done behind stage while many will see what trump wants you to see. Stay safe, stay aware. The closer to November the more desperate and dangerous trump will become and along with him his few supporters. Don't fall for trump handing out candy as he manipulates his form of justice behind his back. Watch as his world comes closer to realizing the reality we all live in now. trump will not go quietly into that good night. He will throw fits, scream, and hold his breath as he doesn't get his way. America has to be the strong parent now.
    America can once again be healthy in mind and spirit if we rid our country of corruption and this pandemic that this child has played with long enough.

    TRUMPsVIRUS needs to be eradicated. VOTE 2020 VOTE PLEASE wear a mask !

  11. CIA-STATE-PENTAGON the $T FOURTH REICH of 1,000 YEARS tried to launch invasion with DELIBERATE Navy incursion into Iran waters, but Iran treated the captives well and returned them safely. Strike One. Then CIA-STATE-PENTAGON the $T FOURTH REICH of 1,000 YEARS launched a high-power HeIIfire-missile capable drone into Iran air space and it got shot down. Strike Two. Now CIA-STATE-PENTAGON the $T FOURTH REICH of 1,000 YEARS is using the Israeli Gambit, crash a passenger airplane.

  12. Iran is known for attacking their own…and blame it on whoever they see fit to lie about…..own up to your own dirty deeds

  13. so your getting all up in arms because a U.S fighter jet flew too close to the Iranian passwnger plane? Atleast he U.S didnt launch a missile and blow up a passenger plane like Iran did. I dont hear anything in the news saying how disgusting that was.

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