Iran: US "can't eliminate us and can't make us surrender" – Khamenei in Eid al-Adha speech

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  1. Iran is all talk,, so is n korea,, so is china. that's the bottom line. threats threats threats,, never any action. in other words,, cowards.

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  3. Without Iran and Israel helping push this along, there probably would not be a "new world order". Behind closed doors all wars are financed by the same side. The Adversary (Satan) truly does run the world. Jesus is the only way out of this mess. I hope more people realize that, because time is almost up. You are NOT of THIS world. This world and its heavens will pass away.

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  5. lucifers CIA kissinger Brezinski Reptilan death cult – truly despotism !! WW3 – and thisis enemy of life itself ! We know all of it-

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  8. Russia is Christian, they don’t understand that Russians are Christians… they will not win against Christianity either.

  9. He forgets that when he assaults the United States, he is Assaulting Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, CANADA.. and most of Europe’s nations, he barely has enough money in the Islamic budget to afford that seat and chair.

  10. Russia knows they will Lifestyle wise benefit far greater with an alliance alongside Europeans, if they decide not too do so.. I believe that wouldn’t be a good idea, and they will lose a lot on a global scale.

  11. I understand, the Beard joke was far too offensive and honest..keeping a low profile is the best, and our thoughts are zipped… in the public eye 👁 good idea.

  12. Supposedly I am Identical to Putin’s ideology and the Russians ideology, which is Authoritarian Right, Conservativism-authoritarianism.. but not high on the auth scale half way, which is equal to someone such Churchill.

  13. I won a 100 real human online player military game… the individual that was alongside me was a Russian, at first I was unsure that we would get along. I understood we are both white for one, which makes no racial boundaries, and for two we have a passion for being the greatest, like that Cold War feeling… so we played along he saved me a couple of times I did the same for him, then we ended up winning the 100 player war game together, which made me friend him, and realise he sure can get along, and our differences are small nowadays. We are more the same than different.

  14. canada uk new zealand australian regimes… are puppets of usa regime and usa regime established usa as open prison.

  15. so called soviet union was powerful than so called russia and Iran has defeated usa regime and so called soviet union.

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