Iranian Citizens Converting to Christianity by the Thousands!

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  1. It has to be a decade or more since I read of this "crisis" in Iran. The country was calling it a "mass exodus", and Ahmadinejad and the mullahs strengthened their death penalty laws in a failed effort to stop this explosion of fitnah. The Muslim world has become a huge field, white for harvest, and though the workers might be few, they're growing in numbers. God's word will not be in vain, and it will not return empty. He's calling Muslims, and they are responding in record numbers. Thank you sweet Jesus!

  2. Do you think it's possible that one day there will be so much christians that the sharia law and the oppressive rulers of Islamic Countries are dethroned by Christians?

  3. Iran's constant persecution is what is really pushing this. The Iranian theocracy has affected the people and the government is likely not to last for much longer.
    On a side note, Thaddeus, for even more in-depth coverage of Iran's Christians I recommend checking out Mohabat News, which is the major hub for Iranian/Persian Christians and the challenges they face:

  4. For sure the numbers are higher for Muslims converting to Christianity but the potatoes are afraid to show the reality. This is happening to all of the occupied countries.

  5. yes, this is a GOOD news for Heaven (luke 15:10) and BAD news for iran's government AKA Anti Christ (luke 10:18)
    actually, indonesian channel upload Ex muslimah's testimonies >>

    that video made me happy & sad at same time, i am happy because two woman spread gospel by share a thousand of bible, also i am felt pain to know the great persecution to iranian christians.
    Lord Jesus is the way, the truth & the life !

  6. Iranian ex muslim turn to Christ and spread Jesus teaching have big impact also. People just get tired of hypocrisy of islam and muslim leader.
    But nothing can stop Jesus love even for muslims..
    I think not only iran, arab saudi, turkey, algeria and many muslim country. Indonesia is one of good examples..

    See my self as christian in Indonesia feel much luckier than my brother in Christ in country like iran, iraq, pakistan anf many more. They are the toughest christians!! Always face persecution, discrimination and many more. I pray to all my christian brother in majority muslim country to stay strong and safe.. Amen!!

    God bless you Brother for this video!!

  7. So you don’t agree when Pew makes projections about religious growth but agree with a call center gaining 3,000 converts and projecting that to 300,000 over a year with no basis.

    Also, Iran is run by shias who are crypto Jews.

  8. I think the pressure and oppresion from the government will only become harsher and harsher until someday it will become a revolution. a bloody revolution.

    Iran is the home of shias, i dont think they will give up easily. It's their identity. Shias without iran is like sunni without saudi (mekkah). Impossible.

  9. In the world filled with ready transmission of information via the internet islam is being exposed to its core.

  10. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I pray for the spiritual revival in Iran. let every Iranians "BE SAVED" in his Name.

    Iran is always going to stay muslim because it's the truth! You can't fool them!

  12. Iran is rotten from inside, i live in it, yet we love Christians
    Government is trying but just cant find the balance
    As a believer in Jeusus and his return i hope we all be better ppl like Jeusus , Muses , Buddha and other awesome ppl who once walked the earth

  13. Record breaking numbers of ex muslims in the world in general. Turkey and Kurdish areas are also high grounds of conversions.

  14. Hmm. I got a suggestion.

    You should do some videos on china persecuting christians and the growth of christianity there.

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