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  1. When they want, the Islamic Peoples Republic of Iran can smash the USA with ease, dont forget Iran has 2-3 nuclear warheads from North Korea!

  2. In case you haven't figured it out, genius, Iran is BAITING the US with those boats. If the US opens fire on the boats, Iran will then use the incident as a justification to launch a volley of anti-ship missiles at the US ships. Duh.

  3. Nothing like a war to keep the economy going. A few American lives lost is a small price to pay for the profits that can be made.
    This is why alot of american soldiers are today committing suicide or come home to join the anti-war movement.

  4. USN ships are fairly fast, even the carriers. I think it's preferable the USN not let itself be engaged in the Persian Gulf. The Gulf of Oman and beyond enables more defensive options as there's more room to maneuver.

  5. 1000 speed boat… Brrrr…. 500 speed boats Brrrr…. 100 speed boats heading in opposite direction…

  6. I imagine that there are many who would like to bring their ideas up to DARPA's attention rather than put them on this and other sites hoping that the enemy has Already thought of it.
    Come to think of it. I think DARPA already has some means of getting (hopefully not too far) out of the box ideas.

  7. Sort of like the carrier based aircraft attack on the Panama Canal during the Fleet Problem 1 wargame of 1923?

  8. The problem with Iran trying to get others to fear them is just a little fear and not enough to warrant a First Strike against Iran. You have to have Grand Master Chess skills to not cause a war. Assuming no war is your goal? Think of the miscalculations that started wars.

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