Iran's arrest warrant for Trump over killing of top general is a "propaganda stunt": U.S. official

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  1. Way to go Iran!!
    The US assassinated a TOP OFFICIAL of another country!!
    Just look how the US reacted to 9/11!!
    And they expect other countries to just take it??

  2. How has it not had to do with international peace, you killed another countries general. That is an act of war, you can't escalate tension any further than that.

  3. Trump is the most evil man that ever lived. I don't care if iran can arrest him or not. Not only is he guilty for that what about the moab bomb he dropped on Afghanistan in April 2017. Remember trump dropped the most non powerful non nuclear weapon against a country that long ago wad bombed into the stone age. The media never mention it. They did when it happened. That was his greatest war crime. And worse if he is not removed from office if he launches nuclear war the 2016 election will be the last one. Everyone is talking about coming election what if there is none. What if by then he launches a catastrophic nuclear war. That is why the international community need to tell Trump that he needs to get rid of nuclear weapons. That if iran is not allowed to have nuclear weapons than neither should USA. World's government must unite I say that every time he tells the world iran cannot have nuclear weapons please tell him to shut up.

  4. This is a scandal created by CCP! Iran could get big money from CCP by doing so! Taking down CCP is the only way to stop the scandal!

  5. It was a war crime .
    Not propaganda.
    Is it laughable ?

    Did Assange kill anyone? No .
    Yet he is in prison.
    DJT ordered the killing of their general.
    Pompeo said so much .

    Everyone knows International law is a mockery for the USA together with allies .

    Even if it is not enforced by Interpol it is a credible claim .

  6. USA need to understand they are falling apart,
    It is high time world power countries would unite against them

  7. They'll never catch him on satellite. He's spends too much of his days bravely hiding away in basements 🙈 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Iran is a holy land protecting people. So now a leader taking care for God's people, some of these stories are complicated to understand towards high developed countries and un believable for caring people and leaders in reign for God's people. . A decision is taken by a single man and manipulated to the majority reversed that it has said by God after an evil action has been done.. So now. Seoul's leadership and David is determined by God. If people are dying a lot how will the world know that God has revealed the last seals.

  9. It is NOT a stunt or propaganda. When Iran was having huge protests during Xmas holidays in 2017 Jan 2018, Israel news Hareetz posted this headline: *US gives green light to Mossad to murder Iranian general*. This headline was a telling sign that the US would bring about chaos to Iran. Canada abstained from any decision making when the UN special meeting was called, how hypocritical of our premier.

  10. Lol,i laugh is trump goes to the wrong place in the middle east and iran get hold of him!..Chechnya leader said that if any USA President ever hit their country their will be jail! And if the USA tries anything nukes will be flying!

  11. You don't even know why you would like to hand over the president. You are a fool like Polosy and Maxine Water, you are proberly also as ugly as Maxine.

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