Iran’s big U-turn|’No Chabahar rail project deal signed’ | NewsX

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  1. Good thing. It is better not to deal with countries like Iran. We will save our money this way. There are alternative routes: literally.

  2. Iran has been bought out by China. And it is futile to have any dealings with them. India agreed to American sanctions against Iran and they are pissed off. Chinese on the contrary would not listen to USA and do business with Iranians openly. It suits Iran. So let them be. Over a period of time Iran will realize that China is all over them. Right now they are getting easy credit. Like Pakistan they would become impotent once Chinese set in.

  3. It seems it was another Chinese fake nees stunt….huh….we never learn ……..headlines headlines healines……..all journalism has boiled down to.

  4. See this I predicted India should maintain our prominence we need Iran it supported us on Kashmir even rebuked pak so if Iran waits for India move it will be beneficial to both
    And it it will be a check move against China and US both were threatening us one with aggression and another with H1b visa issue our MEA ministry of external affairs to see that we should nt loose Iran friendship!

  5. Why is India doing this? What serves the purpose of these kind of activities. Every single day you are searching enemy or conspiracy what's going on in India ? It is turning out as a total madhouse

  6. India should ban huwaii no trade with china we should join west and help all southassina nation give them more guns and power

  7. Biggest mistake with india is tryimg to defending against china we should approach attacking polices against china npt defensive. Attack is best defance

  8. Have patience there would be no money left with China the way they are blowing their foreign exchange reserves…..50% of China is under flood water, factories are shut since no orders, they are compensating $1.5 per person for floods, stocks of foodgrains are roting, food prices are up and emperor xietler wants to sign oildeal for 25 years 😁😁😁😁

  9. This is a wrong news.. Iran has told India can enter anytime.. US sanctions doesn’t allow Indian steel to enter thats why India was waiting and hence delay.. China is overriding US sanctions

  10. Long way to go, the reporter(lady) kept fumbling through out the video and the guy didn't know what he was supposed to talk. A prep before the original shoot would have given better results.

  11. Why blame Iran . Blame Indian govt bcoz they have been delaying this project for years bcoz of the fear of US sanctions.

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