Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant reconnected to grid (

Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant has been reconnected to the national grid after an overhaul and maintenance. Relevant tests were conducted and it was reconnected, Tasnim media says in Iran.This is an achievement, Iran says. It takes places during the COVID-19 crisis and it shows that Iran can continue to advance despite difficulties. The plant will help meet summertime peak electricity consumption rates. The head of the plant says that “the process of nuclear fuel exchange for nuclear plans is very sensitive and a complex process and is carried out by skilled Iranian operators using technological skills.” That reads more like a word salad than explaining what his technicians actually do. He did mention the “fresh core inside the reactor heart is loaded and replaced with used fuel.”It seems the electric workers were more concerned about COVID-19 and making sure it didn’t affect the work crews. Iran considers the plant a point of pride and honor, the report says. Iran is in the small club of countries that can maintain and operate a nuclear power plant.The report says that the plant has a capacity to produce 1,000 megawatts of power and that it was completed in 2011. It was first connected to the national grid at that time. Iran began building a second nuclear reactor at Bushehr in November 2017. It would be one of three it wants to build, each with the 1,000 megawatt production amount. Russia has been involved in this work and according to Al-Jazeera the plants use uranium from Russia and are monitored by the UN and IAEA.This plant has its origins in the 1970s but was completed and operational only in the last ten years. Iran is under scrutiny for its enrichment of nuclear material and violating the Iran Deal of  2015 after the US walked away from the deal.

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