Iran’s Missile Strike: How it Happened

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  1. CSIS needs to publish more short videos like this one. It's difficult to stay up to date with 1 hour long videos.

  2. 1. They were screened for TBI. I haven't seen any evidence that anyone was actually diagnosed, let alone diagnosed with moderate to severe TBI which is the only one that requires an actual medial treatment. It's unlikely that anyone in the bomb shelters would have suffered moderate to severe TBI.
    2. It's also likely that the missiles were detected preparing to launch prior to infrared satellite detection of launch as detection, notification, and warning are likely to have taken at least the 5 minutes of flight time indicated for the first wave. [open source]

  3. Iran's missile attack was a sign/warning to the US government and Israel that they have the capability to hit on target all over the Middle East and Israel should the US decided to attack Iran or Israel bomb their nuclear facilities.

  4. Fucking Trump should attack Saudi Arabia the mother land of Isis and Al-Quade not Iran who is fighting against extremist.

  5. Iran gave USA and Israel a sign that Iran can attack back if Iran want. Us personnel are fucked up and slapped directly after a long time. Instantly they called for no war as they saw Iran is not Syria.

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