Iran's SC halts execution of 3 young men over November protests | World News

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  1. Well sometimes, saheenbagh wallae should learn before calling out india a fascist government, demanding a muslim dominated india. And abusive someone's faiths .

  2. The Iranian people need to continue to work against their draconian system which enslaved them. They are an amazing people with amazing ancient history. They deserve far better than they got. It’s the only reason that so many leave or flee. Without the government, it could be paradise. The people want peace but the brutal Islamic regime does not. They only care for power.

  3. What was the point of revolution if they wanted to appoint another dictator.What kind of a crazy country is this, having a supreme leader n elected president at the same time

  4. Good. They are human beings…they have EVERY right there protest without permission. You join a growing list of countries that think they have a right to violate and abuse Humanities RIGHTS and FREEDOMS….think again.

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