Iran's Zarif says ending arms ban 'inseparable' from nuclear deal

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  1. From where I'm standing and watching the only problem is you not Iran seems half of the world's weapons is coming from you guys not Iran millions of people dying because of you guys not Iran???

  2. Which US claims should we believe?

    Iran is a failure and falling apart? Or Iran is so strong that threatens Europe?

  3. Iran's only weakness it does not have a modern fighter jet fleet which is why America working around the clock to make sure Iran does not obtain fighter jets from China and Russia.

  4. US government and agencies are real terrorists and threat to muslim umah. We are with Iran… Full support from Pakistan

  5. As a Chinese, we strongly recommend to Iranians our J10 fighter, a fighter based on Israeli technology, and use it to attack Israel to get double the thrill of revenge.😃

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