Iraq PM vows he 'won't allow threats' to Iran from Iraqi soil

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  1. Iran should subjugate to USA.
    Then it's economy will be strengthen and it will become a civilised state.

  2. IRAN must give up imposing extremist views of Islamic rulings on its female populations. IRAN has its own culture and Burka is not an Iranian culture. Burka, Hijab, Nikab are African-Arabic culture in the desert. Because the Zionists (ISRAEL and its slaves: US; Canada; UK; EU; Australia) brainwash the Iranian ladies in the name of freedom and democracy. The Zionists are playing secretly dirty game by brainwashing in the name of short-dress freedom

  3. I hate iran always war to many innocent died lost their family many innocent kids suffer, if iam the God i will punish their terror n their government severly worst then covid..

  4. We Iraqis love Iran and respect them and they are our neighbors but we wish their government would not interfere in our affairs

  5. It seems America and Israel are yet to pay the price for the murder of Solimani….with now China's support Isreal is no longer a threat to go nuke. The noose gets tighter on Isreal everyday.

  6. maybe if iran would stop exporting terror and threatening its neighbors they would live in peace .right now there is enough desention in iran to have a revolution

  7. America needs to reconsider it's foreign policy. Iraq is a vassal state of Iran. There is no mistaking it. Sykes-Picot be damned.

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