Is it a war crime to keep Iranian sanctions in place during the #Covid-19 pandemic? | Kalima Horra

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Written by George Galloway


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  1. It's a crime against humanity – the US has 40% of the planet under sanctions! It's time the planet placed the US under sanctions – a worldwide boycott!

  2. Of course it is, George. Now, when are you going to stop gatekeeping on 9/11 and the fake War on Terror, hey?

  3. Is depriving civilians of medications because you don't happen to like their government a war crime?
    Uh, yeah. 😠
    It's pretty disgusting, too.

  4. The USA regards it’s self as the Supreme Lord and above the Universal Law, isn’t it about time that the United Nations and the World put this Bully in its place – in a child’s playpen…….

  5. Supporting , funding and training terrorist groups is a form of war crimes and Iran has a well documented history of that .
    The killing of innocent Iranian students who protested against the regime was a war crime .
    Holding Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is illegal then there is the Illegal boarding and holding hostage of the crew of Stena Imperio was Illegal .
    Any excuses for those action from Iranian supporters

  6. Trump is a sworn loyal in serving the interest of the Apartheid Sate of Israel even if it goes against American Interest.

  7. We must peacefully protest, it is of the most crucial importance. These thugs have to be dealt with, surely this type of behaviour must at some point be stopped.

  8. At least USA should releas the Iranian frozen money. Iran has lots of money from Shah time. Obama gave a bit of this money back. Trump talking to people and is saying Obama made mistake giving Iran money. But he doesn't explain that was Iran's money

  9. Perhaps, America; namely Capitol Hill, should be sued for neglect of humanity, by all whom suffer by it's sanctions.
    In the case of wet markets, these have existed for many millennium As a part of cultures.

  10. Let's be bold and tell the truth. Sanctions are a genocidal war crime under ANY circumstances, pandemic or not. Apparently we Americans are happy as clams making other people miserable and helping young fathers and mothers watch their children starve to death. We did a million of them between the two Iraq wars, in Iraq alone. Americans (that's us, gang!) are fearful, paranoid, grabby, selfish, self-centered, and apparently sadistic also. How sick is this? Obviously, we could be real human beings if we put our minds to it and made the effort.

  11. BbGeorge Galloway,you are one of the finest,truthful person on this planet to tell things as they are.I always like to listen to you.👍👍👍

  12. BTW, you called it. There is a peculiar DNA in the Whitey's physic and you don't have to qualify it by saying it is in the government. It is in the entirety of the Whitey.

    After all where do the members of the government come from if not from the community. And ask yourselves, who elected them to office.

  13. War, Peace, all they punish are the babies and infirm, etc.Should be a crime unless at war..? You know, formal declaration etc.

  14. Hi :1) Not patient zero but Chinese journalist Lui Xin interviewed Dr. Zhang Jixian who was first Dr to report unusual cases of a family Mother/Father & son who she began treating on 26th Dec. Dr Zhang obviously didn't know it was COVID-19 at time but was astute enough to realise this was something new and dangerous. During interview Dr Zhang showed Lui the original.written record of first parent.The family had absolutely no idea how they had contracted the virus and had no connection at all with Wuhan Market (Episode on The POINT , CGTN) available on Youtube
    P.S. Dr Cao Bin who wrote the original report in Lancet Journal titled Viral Pneumonia with Unknown Reason did report a patient who had self reported an illness on.December 1st 2019, which turned out to be COVID-19 ..

  15. Of course sanctions are a war crime. Its the US hypocrisy that they talk about saving lives from covid19 but at the same time causing mass losses of innocent lives in other countries

  16. 🇮🇷 is managing the US made Coronavirus much better than evil US 👿👿 & evil england 👿😈.
    Sanctions are act of WAR.

  17. It is a war crime to impose criminal sanctions to any country by anyone it is a crime by the bullying dictatorship of America ,but at the and the warmongering criminals of America they will be the very big looser and they not going to have any friends only a few lap dogs 🐕

  18. When that fellow said that he wouldn't blame the American people for the evil that the US has been doing around the world, but rather their government, he has to remember that our politicians here in the US don't come from another planet, but from among us, the citizens (the late, great comic George Carlin said the same thing.) It is we who elect them, and we who permit ourselves to be psychologically manipulated by them and by the media. Too many of us have no brains, no morals, and too many of us only care about getting laid and stuffing our fat faces with food and getting high and defacing our bodies with disgusting tattoos. Also, many Americans want a totally care-free existence. So one could almost say that we the American people ourselves have blood on our hands, the blood of the African slaves brought here, the blood of the indigenous peoples upon whom genocide was perpetrated, the blood of Palestinians, the blood of Iraqis, and so on.

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