Israel-Iran tensions reignited – Dr. Ori Goldberg

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Written by ILTV Israel News


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  1. “Let us know, let us strive to know Adonai.
    That he will come is as certain as morning;
    he will come to us like the rain,
    like the spring rains that water the earth.” Hosea 6:3

  2. those centrifuges can be used to refine plutonium from reactor waste

    does not take alot

    reactor wastes can also contain fuel for thermonuclear weapons as they produce heavy water and purefy to contain the water from going out into nature (heavy water reactors use that rather then store it) in the same way 238 converts to other elements has a half life of 24 years and sits inthere reactors water as i type

    they do exist in nature as well prouduced by urainium deposts in the ground
    the sepration only needs simple water filtation methods
    other non-hydrogen based fuels require what not normaly present in a nuclear reactor
    the zars bomb used hydrogen based fuels and was partly filled for the test
    castle bravo used the others

    both of which can be stock piled and refined
    with a short time period after the deal expires
    there also icbm capable since 2002-3ish they achived orbit with liveing things that landed safely

    meaning they could launch within a month or two after the deal and/or have nuclear stock pile and the icbm platforms needed to hit any city on earth makeing them better nuclear armed then many other nuclear powers

    producing the man made elements is slow process that can take as long as ten years

    the deal dosnt insure that those productions dont happen infact it alows for them
    it the same prosesses involved there waste products
    the deal only covers urainum refinment to weapons grade well

    and the reactors them selfs can be used to make chlorine and other halogen gases which they use in for other industural processes
    one reason they claimed need was to proudce those which is fair as there used in everything from plastics to medications

    given but events in syria that seem suspect just a little and worth double checking

  3. if is true why iran did'nt fight back , maybe iran is no match for israel oh iranian fear allah not israel astagferollah!!!

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