John Bolton on Iran, North Korea and 'accountability' for US wars | Talk to Al Jazeera

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  1. Why focus on iraq at the start of the interview and go over information that is past and well known where as there were better questions to ask,that is when the interviewer didnt stop interrupting him.

  2. There is no compassion in Bolton. He and his cohorts like Madeline Albright, do not have any compassion for the poor Iraqis that continue to suffer to date. The loss of a million lives, the tortures, the terror of shock and awe, the scars on the next generations, the criminal use of uranium ammunition and more.
    These rascals, like their forebear General Custer want to bring "peace" to the Middle East by killing and subjugating all. All for the benefit their rogue illicit apartheid state of Israel.
    Millions curse these untried criminals , who may not believe in a Day of Judgement, or perhaps never read Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment.
    It is clear why the US does not want to be a part of the Internal Court of Justice jurisdiction.

  3. Even though I am familiar with these kind of interview format and love it, I was irritated by the interruptions of presenter. But, after a few minutes later, I understood how wrong I was when Bolton had been talking for 5m and saying many things, but nothing in terms of the questions.

  4. He is Mr Evil or Satan II or Satan Reincarnation. I will not believe what he said. He want to start war every where. He want to start a war, topple any govt which do agree with US or Kow Tow eg. Nth Korea, iran, Venezuela, Iraq, Iranetc etc etc etc etc. Such evil man.

  5. As an American I do not see North Korea or Iran as a threat to our nation. I think that the US is responsible for causing a good ammount of the current issues that are in place today. I think that Bolton himself is very much responsible for the issues that are still seen today as a result of the illegal invasion of Iraq.

  6. American's national interest took millions of innocent lives , finally the GOD less nation is paying the price , COVID19 and yet worse to come .

  7. American governments have bad history as they have attacked poor and weak counries without any scientific reasons and killed millions of people and grabed their natural wealth and made them suffer for long by keeping US army undemocraticaly.

  8. Think whatever you want about Bolton, but this interview is a perfect example of the fact that Al Jazeera is FAKE NEWS!

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