Labor Action Centre.

About us.

We are immigrants, workers of colour, women, men, and youth. Most of us don’t belong to unions because we work in small workplaces, are temporary workers, on contract, independent contractors or unemployed. We build products, technologies and programs to expose injustice and end exploitation. We’re independent and non-profit. 



We want our workplaces run for the benefit of workers and communities rather than for a handful of bosses and executives.

Our mission is to combat worker exploitation by creating a decentralized justice network & open knowledge platform in support of transnational migrants workers.



We’re a democratically structured, all-volunteer, and worker-led organization.

We organize locally and globally for activism, civic engagement and education. We work in solidarity with existing movements towards social justice, workers’ rights, and economic inclusion.



Quantitative and econometric analysis for action learning group, strategic reviews or a workers’ rights audit. 

Guided by our vision for an inclusive & equitable community, we organize to build worker power through rank & file self-organization and education. 

Our stats.

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What we do.

Changing Labour Laws.

We fight for better wages and working conditions. Our victories prove that grass roots approach to making changes in law & society works.

Building a Movement.

Our voices are stronger together. We use our collective power to address the roots of the problems we face in workplaces.

Protecting Workers' Rights.

Workers are facing discrimination and unfairness on the job every day. We support our members through their difficult experiences at work.

Solidarity Action Network.

We've built a powerful, intuitive, and full-featured online mobilization network dedicated to building power for the progressive movements.

Abuse Reports.

We work with allies to bring your online campaigns & reports to scale, sponsor actions together, and share in our global newsletters.

Research & Data Analysis.

Qualitative research & data analytics helps us to get beneath and understand complex employment issues & build effective solutions.

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