Live: Why are media making China-Iran cooperation sound so scary?

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  1. Two monsters embracing each other ? Why does China always align themselves with some of the
    most wonderful countries ,?

  2. 因为伊朗是一个小俄国。伊朗和中国合作如同又一个俄国与中国合作。这三个国家完全可以自己经济内循环。因为俄国与欧洲必须保持比较密切的关系,伊朗就是俄国角色和中国经济循环的一个补充。

  3. To China With Love From an Ielts Examiner in the  British Council Beijing

    Great Leap Backwards: Succeeded
    Cultural Devolution:Succeeded
    Ignoring zebra crossings: Succeeded
    Ignoring strangers dying on the street:Succeeded
    Improving the art of bad breath:Succeeded
    Spitting: Succeeded
    Social Awkwardness::Succeeded
    Lying to save and give face:Succeeded
    Pushing and shoving in queues: Succeeded
    Devouring buffets:Succeeded
    Making noises on streets, Honking cars horns, Constructing at illegal times, shouting in restaurants, slamming doors :Succeeded
    Lack of soap and toilet paper in toilets in restaurants, bars, bus stations and train stations:Succeeded
    Making money  and creating wealth from peasants whilst looking down on them:Succeeded
    Being disliked by all countries I've been to: Succeeded
    Being patriotic, nationalistic whilst treating each other like dirt on streets and roads on a daily basis:Succeeded
    Having  a natural ability for irritating habits and personalities:Succeeded
    Having an inferiority superiority complex:Succeeded
    Having an unquenchable thirst for everything western whilst hating it at the same time:Succeeded
    Making any protests or demonstrations illegal  unless against Japan or any other foreign country:Succeeded
    Creating the highest number of KTV and high end massage parlours in the world  for married men :Succeeded

    Feel free to let me know if you need me to add to the list that 17 years in the filth gave me

  4. Can somebody cure the pandemic of bad breath in the middle kingdom? Next time you smell your friends', colleagues' or partners' bad breath think of me, the BEIJING IELTS EXAMINER, and say, "yeah he's right yet again".Brutal Lennon honesty works a treat.He did sing "If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you aint gonna make it with anyone, anyhow".

  5. "What I Learned from Reading the Epoch Times" by American Cyrus Janssen
    Why is it that so many Americans, Canadians, British, Germans do not know this media belongs to a cult, The Falun Cong cult? . Other Falun Cong cult’s media are Simone Gao
    of NTD, NTD, China Uncensored.

  6. One has to visit Iran to know how beautiful this country really is. How rich their culture is, how beautiful their people is. Their food is to die for. I think China and Iran should sign a mutual defense treaty!

  7. Iran and China should develop molten salt reactors together that run on thorium and uranium as a partnership.

  8. The China – Iran cooperation is indeed scary for the bully. Because all of a sudden the whole world will realize that the bully is actually irrelevant. Ex: China can pay Iran other currencies it has earned. Meaning, it can pay Iran USD if Iran wishes. Meaning, China will also be clearing USD as well. The relevance of the SWIFT is also diminished.
    China trades with the whole world. It has everybody's currencies. China is currency marketplace.

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