LONDON SUMMER VLOG: Exploring the City, Sightseeing & Having Fun in the Sun

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Written by Persian Bunny


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  1. " my dad is the simon cowel of the critics " ….OMG😂😂😂it reminded me of when he was mad at the flight attendants😂 & he was talking about different airlines etc ….I just can't wait for the persian resturant ranking series 😍also Im still waiting for your dad's khastegari story , u said u will make a vid about it & show us their wedding vid aswell ?😅

  2. Omg ! I love Iranian food. I went to this Iranian restaurant called Mahdi which is located in Kingstreet, Hammersmith. I think you will love it x

  3. I pove how carefree you and your family are, lovely family. I love you and Saina's channels so much💗

  4. How is your hair so long and beautiful? Can I know the reason your hair is long? It is my dream to have my hair like this

  5. More videos please 🙏 i really enjoy watching ur videos😍 love ur fashion sense and sweetness…

  6. Finchley Central is basically mini Tehran now 😂 we go to Tavazo and the one next to it for our weekly Persian supplies 👍🏼

  7. You are perfect, when you put some clip in YouTube I can't wait , you accent is interesting, I watch your clip for practice English, because is so natural ,

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